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Impassable Fight Shorts (White + Blue)

Impassable Fight Shorts (White + Blue)

Impassable Fight Shorts (White + Blue)

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These fight shorts are the toughest ones in the fight game – so tough that we guarantee they will never rip (we know you aren’t supposed to grab shorts in no gi but there are rule breakers everywhere). We have a very limited number of shorts – our Impassable Gis sold out in 3 hours & these Impassable Shorts won’t last at this price.

These shorts offer:

– Comfortable, tough fabric for a great fit
– Velcro Belt so you won’t lose them
– Very cool Impassable blue & white design for the sharpest look in your gym
– Worn by Aniss Al-Hajjajy – Desert force middleweight MMA champ

Size Chart

S: 120-145 lbs

M: 145-175 lbs

L: 170-195 lbs

XL: 195-225 lbs

2XL: 225-255 lbs