Jimmy Pedro & Travis Stevens – The Judo Academy - Part 2 (On Demand)

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“If You’re Serious About Learning Takedowns, As Well As Judo, For BJJ– This Is The Most Complete Resource You Will Ever See”
Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens’ Judo Academy Teaches Takedowns and Judo Ground Fighting More Extensively Than Any Other Program In American History.

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Punch Pass From Spider
Over Under Basics
Stacking Pass

If you want to learn Judo in America, it’s hard to argue there is anyone better to teach you than Travis Stevens and Jimmy Pedro. Jimmy is the most accomplished male competitor ever from the U.S., and the current Olympic coach – he is the only coach ever to bring home a gold medal.

Travis is the best male competitor on the U.S. squad and is also a very accomplished BJJ competitor himself.

On their 4 disc set “Judo Academy,” Jimmy and Travis cover the inner workings of the sport like no one has never done in Judo before.
It starts on Disc 1 with this great content…


All Ne Waza (Groundfighting)

​ Stack To Outside Turn
​ Stack To Pin/Kimura Finish
​ Flip To Split Legs (Over Under Pass)
​ Counter To Opponent Posting On Hip
​ Over Under Counter To Shoulder Push
​ Over Under Counter To Leg Grab
​ Juji Gatame
​ Tie Up – Roll
​ Waki Gatame
​ Arm Hook Roll
​ Arm In Guillotine
​ Flip From Front Headlock in Butterfly Guard
​ Standard Roll
​ Backward Roly Poly

This is the most complete resource ever on Judo mat work. You will learn how to pass with Over/Under like never before, how to roll an opponent from Turtle and how to finish with Juji Gatame.
If you are a BJJ Practitioner – YOUR OPPONENTS WILL NOT HAVE SEEN THESE MOVES!!! This is a good thing and will really help your passing and ability to control the turtle and finish with Armlocks.
If you are Judo practitioner DVD 2 is a thing of beauty: Jimmy is probably the most accomplished mat fighter from America (and possibly the world). Meanwhile, Travis is at an incredibly advanced level from his BJJ Cross training under John Danaher, as well as his training under Jimmy Pedro. If you are serious about improving on the mat in Judo – you can’t afford to miss this…