Knee On Belly by Lucas Lepri (2 DVD Set)

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We've all been there: we successfully pass the guard and reach our opponent's side control - but he is super defensive, keeps his arms tignt and we don't really get close to a submission.  Then out of nowhere, r he makes a really strong bridge and then shrimps away and you are back in his guard.  How frustrating...

Lucas Lepri has a system to prevent this situation we just described; the best BJJ guys do things the average guys don't do.  Lucas is a 3 time world champion as a black belt and an incredible guard passer.  Once he reaches side control, he has a Knee On Belly system that most guys just don't have.  You don't have it,  your classmates and opponents probably don't have it either - and it is deadly.

Lucas  establises his knee on his opponent's belly and works a host of submissions and transitions to mount and the back that 99 out of 100 opponents have no defense for.   You can do this too -   when is the last time your class spent a lot of time on Knee on Belly Defense?  They won't be able to defend it!!   The key to beating upper belts is getting good at positions where their defense isn't good and this is one of them.

Lucas is one of the best competitors in the world, these positions work and he is an unbelievable teacher.  Try this system out - it will change your game

Following his wildly successful guard passing instructional, Lucas Lepri is back to show you how to connect the dots from passing your opponent to submitting your opponent. As a complement to Championship Guard Passing, KNEE ON BELLY, Lucas masterfully walks you through his favorite setups and strategies from this highly versatile and devastating position.



  1. KOB Concepts
  2. Triangle
  3. Mounted Triangle w/ Armbar
  4. Forcing The Triangle
  5. Step Over Choke
  6. North South Collar Choke
  7. Baseball Bat Choke
  8. Step Over Choke 2
  9. Cross Choke w/ Lapel
  10. North South Choke w/ Lapel
  11. Lapel Choke vs North-South Escape
  12. Backtake
  13. Backtake Vs Turtling


  1. KOB Strategies: Step Over Triangle/Armbar
  2. KOB Strategies: Back Take
  3. KOB Strategies: Step Over Armlock
  4. KOB Strategies: Wrist Lock
  5. KOB Strategies: Wrist Lock / Ezekiel Choke
  6. KOB Strategies: Wrist Lock / Flavio Canto Choke
  7. Lapel Control KOB: Triangle
  8. Lapel Control KOB: Cross Choke
  9. Lapel Control KOB: Double Lapel Choke
  10. Lapel Control KOB: Reverse Arm Bar
  11. Lapel Control KOB: Kimura/Arm Bar
  12. Lapel Control KOB: Cross Choke 2
  13. Lapel Control KOB: Arm Triangle
  14. Lapel Control KOB: Arm Triangle 2
  15. Lapel Control KOB: One Handed Choke
  16. Lapel Control KOB: Ezekiel Choke
  17. Lapel Control KOB: Arm Bar