Make Your Own BJJ DVD - Deluxe Package

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Make Your Own BJJ DVD: Success 100% Guaranteed

We Are Offering A DVD Package That Guarantees You can't fail.

MAKE YOUR $$ Back Or You DON’T PAY!!!

Have you ever dreamed of seeing yourself on the cover of your own BJJ DVD?

Fighters who have their own DVDs are more in demand for seminars, get better enrollments at their schools, and get invited to participate in more prestigious tournaments.

You might be intimidated at the thought of making your own DVD but the process is much easier than you think. We will hand hold you every step of the way with clear cut instructions on how to do this – you’ll be amazed at how painless the process is!

Have Your First BJJ Instructional Video Become Reality – Guaranteed To Make Your Money Back! 

Our Deluxe Package Includes:

  • Video Editing Course
  • FB Marketing Course
  • SEO Course
  • Email List Building Course
  • Q & A Follow Up Webinars
  • Editing Package which includes…
  • Editing of Raw Footage
  • DVD Cover Creation
  • DVD Chapters and Menu
  • Up to 2 DVD set
  • First 25 DVDs Included At No Cost
  • BJJ Fanatics Distribution Deal