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Muay Thai Masterclass: Clinch by Jean Charles Skarbowsky


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Jean Charles Skarbowsky

Professional Fighter

Land Devastating Close Range Blows & Trip Opponents Up With These Tricky Sweeps From French Muay Thai Master & Unique Striking Sensation Jean-Charles Skarbowsky’s Guide To Muay Thai Clinch Mastery

  • Master important concepts with Jean-Charles’s breakdown of principles and advantageous positions
  • Land effective elbows, knees, and throws from the clinch with one-of-a-kind instruction that’s been proven at the elite level
  • Learn from the French striking coach that martial artists like Georges St. Pierre and John Danaher trust to instruct their athletes
  • This enigmatic combat sport veteran can help you sharpen your clinching so you can begin to dominate from close range

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Important principles 2:51
Advantageous positions 21:24

Volume 2

Defense against waist grab 0
Defense against neck grab 15:22
Defense against side control 21:04
Distance 25:16

Volume 3

Throws 0
Elbows 13:31
Defense against knees 17:21
Conclusion 39:10

Defend Against An Opponent’s Clinch With Techniques For Waist Grabs, Neck Grabs, Side Control, And More!


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What Will You Learn?

Use the clinch to control and wear down opponents with these muay thai techniques and lessons from striking savant and enigmatic veteran muay thai kickboxer Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. The clinch is the signature difference-maker in muay thai, and now this important position can be a strength for you once you see how Skarbowsky breaks things down.

Start with basic fundamentals, principles, and concepts that make the clinch what it is, and show you how you can begin to use it for damaging strikes, control, and more. Jean-Charles shows you all his favorite advantageous positions, with details about how he gets the most out of every exchange with leverage and timing.

Exchange positions with strategic pummeling and defend against waist grabs, neck grabs, and more with Jean-Charles’s coaching. Once you have control, begin landing knees, elbows, and more with rhythm and power that they can’t match. Included here are some of Jean-Charles’s signature throws, where he would dump opponents down at unorthodox angles that he breaks down here for you.

As a pioneering French striker in traditional Thailand and Eastern leagues, he mastered his craft with incredible performances on some of Muay Thai’s biggest stages. Now, you can learn some of what helped make him elite on this 3-part series.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?



    PART 2


    PART 3



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