Precise Pressure Passing By Paul Schreiner (DVD)

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Precise Pressure Passing by Marcelo Garcia Academy Paul Schreiner

Paul Schreiner is a normal sized guy but the pressure he generates with his body is amazing, he powers right through any guard.  Why?  Well as the great Conor MacGregor said upon beating Jose Aldo:

"Precision beats power and timing beats speed."  This is true in Jiu Jitsu too.  It is the exact placement of your foot or your where you grab your opponent that really matters. If you want to learn the secrets to passing the guard as a smaller guy but don't want to be jumping all over the place then Paul is your man.  As one of Marcelo's most respected instructors his seminars are up there in demand with any instructor in the world - his teaching is:

- old school

- simple

- amazingly effective