The Grappler's Performance Meal Plan by Kit Dale Digital Download E-Book

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With Kit Dale’s background as a two-time World Pro Champion jiu-jitsu competitor, we understand the physical requirements that come with jiu-jitsu. By taking control of your nutrition, you can rapidly increase your progress in grappling. That is why we decided to create a meal plan that works for all levels of grapplers!

Martial arts involve demanding training styles and practitioners need nutritious, well planned meals to optimize performance and development within the sport! The Grappler's Performance Meal Plan is based on an easy-to-follow system that is adjusted for your needs. It contains 21 fully planned days, for you to follow. You have the ability to adjust your meals depending on your training and food preferences. The meal plan employs an easy colour system, with specialised weight guidelines to optimize your training, health and physique! Discover how to super-charge your jiu-jitsu by eating the right foods. 


By getting your nutrition in order to be able to train longer and better. For example - yoga or weight training or cardio are important in improving your fitness for BJJ, but nutrition plays a key factor in improving all of those supplemental activities as well.

And no, every meal is not açaí :)

In this meal plan you get the following: 

  • A flexible plan that is NOT just a boring diet.
  • 54 pages of instruction and content for you to improve from.
  • 24/7 support for possible questions.
  • An intuitive color system for different types of meals.
  • The ability to do jiu jitsu more often and with more enjoyment.
  • That extra round you always wanted to be able to do.