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Unstoppable Back Takes From Top Position by Nicholas Meregali


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Nicholas Meregali

Professional Fighter

Attack safe and effective back takes from top position with Nicholas Meregali’s guide to getting to grappling’s most dominant position

  • Secure the back from standing, turtle position, side control, and guard passing with Nicholas’s guide to back take mastery
  • See some of Nicholas’s favorite back taking drills for building serious skill in this important area
  • Nicholas Meregali is one of modern Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s best competitors, with multiple black belt world championships to his credit

Course Content

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Volume 1

Introduction 0
Introduction Of The Different Control 0:41
Seat Belt Drilling 5:14
Kimura Control Drilling 27:35
Lapel Control Drilling 35:31

Volume 2

Turtle Control - Controlling The Turtle Position 0
Classic Taking The Back 8:23
Taking The Back Twisting The Knee 18:07
Rolling To Back Take 29:07
Arm Lock 37:02
Arm Lock 2 48:24
Ezequiel 53:52
Clock Chock 1:00:17

Volume 3

Standing Position - One Hook And Triceps Control 0
Triceps Control To Falling Down 6:52
Pulling To The Back And Arm Lock 12:10
Pulling To The Back And Rolling To Strangle 18:21
Strangle Rolling Down 27:54
2 Hooks Behind 31:51
One Hook Behind 39:45
Leg Drag - Back Take 47:18
Back Take To Ezekiel 55:36

Volume 4

From Side Control - Switching Sides 0
Kimura Control 8:29
Taking Advantage Of The Movement 20:24
Spinning Elbow 27:11
From Katagatame 34:27
To Berimbolo 40:56
From Stack Pass - With 1 Hook 48:49
With 2 Hooks 58:07
Drills 1:08:20
Closing 1:14:21

Multiple-Time Black Belt World Champion Nicholas Meregali Shows You How To Attack The Back From Top Position With His Unstoppable Keys To Success

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What Will You Learn?

Find your way to the back position from top with Nicholas Meregali’s techniques and strategies for attacking the back all the time. Back mount is grappling’s most dominant position, and now you can learn all of these effective ways to secure the back that NIcholas uses at the elite levels of competition.

See all the best ways to take the back from top, including while passing the guard with leg drags, stack passes, and more. Find back control from turtle, side control, and more with Meregali’s complete top game guide.

Nicholas Meregali has been one of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most successful athletes in recent years, as he has dominated his way to multiple black belt world championships with his aggressive game and effective back attacks. Now you can learn the secrets to his back taking in this new 4-part series.

Clock Choke

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Introduction Of The Different Control 
  • Seat Belt Drilling
  • Kimura Control Drilling 
  • Lapel Control Drilling 

    Part 2:

    • Turtle Control
    • Controlling The Turtle Position 
    • Classic Taking The Back 
    • Taking The Back Twisting The Knee 
    • Rolling To Back Take 
    • Arm Lock 
    • Arm Lock 2 
    • Ezequiel 
    • Clock Choke  

    Part 3:

    • Standing Position 
    • One Hook And Triceps Control 
    • Triceps Control To Falling Down
    • Pulling To The Back And Arm Lock 
    • Pulling To The Back And Rolling To Strangle 
    • Strangle Rolling Down 
    • 2 Hooks Behind 
    • One Hook Behind 
    • Leg Drag 
    • Back Take 
    • Back Take To Ezekiel 

    Part 4:

    • From Side Control 
    • Switching Sides
    • Kimura Control 
    • Taking Advantage Of The Movement 
    • Spinning Elbow 
    • From Katagatame 
    • To Berimbolo 
    • From Stack Pass
    • With 1 Hook 
    • With 2 Hooks 
    • Drills 
    • Closing 


    So, What Does It All Cost?