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Clinch For The Street by Burton Richardson


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Burton Richardson

Professional Fighter

Richardson is a shining example of an open minded martial artist

  • By using a strong clinching strategy you can take a lot of the guesswork out of standing altercations.
  • Burton Richardson has the tools and tips to help you avoid that nightmare scenario, with Clinch For The Street!
  • Clinch For The Street By Burton Richardson is an entire system DEDICATED to where 99% of altercations start….. ON THE FEET.
  • Become more dangerous from everywhere

Course Content

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Volume 1

intro 0 - 1:53
clinch range description and benefits 1:53 - 4:30
duck to the back 4:30 - 10:58
Helmet to the clinch 10:58 - 13:22
Striking into the clinch 13:22 - 19:42
reshooting with strikes 19:42 - 21:21
Run him into the barrier 21:21 - 23:00
maintaining a clinch 23:00 - 26:13
exiting the clinch 26:13 - 31:14
the Four elements 31:14 - 36:20
Street posture 36:20 - 42:06
Recognize the draw 42:06 - 46:48
pistol disarm 46:48 - 50:51
Knife disarm 50:51 - 55:33
Double bicep tie 55:33 - 1:02:45
Offense from double bicep tie 1:02:45 - 1:13:41
Defense from double bicep tie 1:13:41 - 1:19:16
Counters to double bicep tie out 1:19:16 - 1:21:00

Volume 2

Neck clinch position 0 - 4:26
Offense from neck clinch 4:26 - 11:26
Defense from the neck clinch 11:26 - 19:24
counters to neck clinch 19:24 - 24:50
hair grab position offense & defense 24:50 - 30:14
Body lock from the front 30;14 - 34:05
body lock offense and defense 34:05 - 37:14
Body lock counters 37:14 - 40:18
Under hook 40:18 - 47:28
offense from the under hook 47:28 - 53:01

Volume 3

slide by double 0 - 5:33
Under hook counters 5:33 - 10:21
over hook position offense defense 10:21 - 16:26
rear body lock 16:26 - 25:28
two arm capture 25:28 - 33:35
front headlock position 33:35 - 37:45
Single leg position 37:45 - 41:30
clothing grabs / collar choke neutral clinch positions 41:30 - 46:21

Volume 4

Vale Tudo clinch 0 - 8:23
various neutral positions 8:23 - 10:28
Arm drag 10:28 - 16:20
Arm drag set ups 16:20 - 21:18
Clinch blasts 21:18 - 27:06
Training methods 27:06 - 30:20
scenario isolated sparring 30:20 - 33:21
closing with helmet and glove sparring 33:21 - 34:49

Clinch For The Street By Burton Richardson

What Will You Learn?

What is the best martial art for the street? It is perhaps the most asked question in all of martial arts. How can one fairly answer that question? For many that question was answered in the early 90’s when a scrawny Brazilian named Royce Gracie entered The Octagon and took on three larger more athletic men in a NO RULES contest.

During this no rules event we got to see for the first time how practitioners from varying martial arts would perform in a “Street Fight” setting. Although many would argue that it wasn’t TRULY a street fight, it was as close as you could get. In the event we say eye gouges, soccer kicks to downed opponents, and joint destroying submission holds. At the end of the night one martial art stood above the rest and that was Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So where does BJJ stand in today’s modern landscape of street fighting? Where it always was, at the TOP!

So what if you could make BJJ EVEN MORE Effective for street altercations? How would you go about it? Surely you could patch some of the holes left by Jiu-Jitsu’s specific focus. This is where Burton Richardson comes in. Burton is a Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu under Legendary MMA Warrior Egan Inoue. On top of that he has a wide-array of mastery in other STREET EFFECTIVE martial arts. Burton has trained under Dan Inosanto in Filipino Martial Arts as well as Jeet Kune Do.

Richardson is a shining example of an open minded martial artist. Burton’s martial arts career began in 1979 where he began his training under Dan Inosanto, who is easily one of the most influential martial artists of All-Time. Burton took advantage of this early world class training and began searching for other martial arts, much like Inosanto. This is where he found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Burton quickly took to BJJ, and its usage of leverage and technique to overcome your adversary.

So what tactics do Burton recommend for street altercations? The short answer is a blend of the most effective martial arts. The long answer is spend a lifetime practicing and refining technique to a razor’s edge. This is where Clinch For The Street comes in.

Clinch For The Street By Burton Richardson is an entire system DEDICATED to where 99% of altercations start….. ON THE FEET. A Jiu-Jitsu practitioner’s worst nightmare is if they cannot bring the fight to the ground, and they have no other options. Thankfully Burton’s wide array of expertise can help you deal with tricky situations on the feet by using the CLINCH!

A Textbook takedown isn’t always applicable on the street. A blast double is great and everything but what about when you slip just a little to the side due to loose gravel and you hit your head on pavement? Or how about as you slip in a perfect Rear Naked Strangle and as you are about to put the attacker out, his two friends step in and take you out from behind? While these are surely “what ifs”, the unpredictability of street fight altercations can lead to ANYTHING happening. Burton Richardson has the tools and tips to help you avoid that nightmare scenario, with Clinch For The Street!


By using a strong clinching strategy you can take a lot of the guesswork out of standing altercations. Closing the distance is a core principle that must be achieved if you hope to use your Jiu-Jitsu. With a strong clinch game there are plenty of possibilities to end the altercation before it EVER has to hit the ground. Learn effective short strikes and grappling techniques from the clinch to keep yourself safe and get out of DANGER!

With Clinch For The Street You WILL Learn:

  • Tips on closing the distance
  • How to battle for the underhook
  • Effective Front Headlock Entries AND submissions
  • Efficient ways to take your attacker to the ground
  • How to finish the fight from the standing position
  • World Class technique from martial arts LEGEND Burton Richardson

So What Techniques Are On This Series?

Volume 1:

  • Intro
  • Clinch range description and benefits
  • Duck to the back 
  • Helmet to the clinch
  • Striking into the clinch 
  • Reshooting with strikes 
  • Run him into the barrier 
  • Maintaining a clinch
  • Exiting the clinch 
  • The Four elements 
  • Street posture 
  • Recognize the draw 
  • Pistol disarm 
  • Knife disarm
  • Double bicep tie 
  • Offense from double bicep tie 
  • Defense from double bicep tie 
  • Counters to double bicep tie out

Volume 2:

  • Neck clinch position
  • Offense from neck clinch
  • Defense from the neck clinch 
  • Counters to neck clinch 
  • Hair grab position offense & defense 
  • Body lock from the front 
  • Body lock offense and defense 
  • Body lock counters 
  • Under hook 
  • Offense from the under hook

Volume 3:

  • Slide by double 
  • Under hook counters 
  • Over hook position offense defense 
  • Rear body lock 
  • Two arm capture 
  • Front headlock position 
  • Single leg position 
  • Clothing grabs / collar choke neutral clinch positions

Volume 4:

  • Vale Tudo clinch
  • Various neutral positions
  • Arm drag 
  • Arm drag set ups 
  • Clinch blasts 
  • Training methods 
  • Scenario isolated sparring
  • Closing with helmet and glove sparring

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