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What is Pure Jiu Jitsu?  Is there such thing as “pure” Jiu Jitsu?  That all depends on how we define that term, pure Jiu Jitsu can be an extremely subjective.  When we refer to it in this article we are talking about Jiu Jitsu that is efficient, effective, effortless, and “old school.”  Rickson Gracie was infamous for having some of the most efficient bjj in the world, so efficient it was deemed “invisible jiu jitsu.”  People are often intrigued by flashy, modern, and new school Jiu Jitsu.  There is nothing wrong with this at all and it is extremely effective,...

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So word on the street is that your 2018 New Year's resolution is to become a leg destroyer.  You've been watching all these leg lock gunslingers from the Danaher Death Squad like Garry Tonon, Gordon and Nicky Ryan, and Eddie Cummings among others and you're tired of being afraid of leg attacks and want to add them to your BJJ game.   Studies show that millions of people make New Years resolutions and have great intentions on January 1st to make progress, but by the end of the year less than 10% of us will have made any progress.  That means...

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Coming up through the jiu jitsu ranks as you develop your personal game plan you will gravitate to certain positions based on a number of factors like your body style, age, and overall athleticism.  If you are a bigger, stronger practitioner, you may find yourself more likely to gravitate towards heavy pressure passing and side control attacks where your size and strength give you the best control and ability to submit your opponents.  If you are a lighter, more flexible practitioner, perhaps inverted guard and lightning quick back takes and submissions are more in your wheelhouse. Regardless of your individual...

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The holiday season is supposed to be filled with good times, family get togethers and gifts, but the reality is that it is a stressful time filled with crowded malls, last minute shopping and other stresses.  It is easy to let yourself get distracted when out and about trying to get those last minute errands and shopping done. This is also a time when it is more than ever imperative that you protect yourself when you are out and about alone.  This is a perfect time for someone with bad intentions to seek out the most distracted or vulnerable looking...

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From the very first BJJ class we take, we are taught that the mount is one of the most powerful positions is the top mount position.  As good as that looks and sounds on paper, think about the first time you ever found yourself mounted on a training partner.  How secure did you feel?  That first mount take was probably as sturdy as a house of cards.  A light breeze could have probably swept you. Over time, you have learned a few key concepts that have made your mount better and better.  Things such as staying has high into the...

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