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Bernardo Faria is one of the most decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes in history.  Having won the World Championships an amazing 5 times, he is considered one of the most important super-heavyweight competitors in history and certainly one of the best of his generation of athletes.  But there was a time early on when Bernardo was not certain he would be able to follow the course that training BJJ had begun to lay out for him early on. It was as a purple belt, that Bernardo's development had reached a tipping point and his course as one of history's most...

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Remember your old friend closed guard?  When you first started out in BJJ, it seemed so simple to wrap your legs around your training partners hips and wrap your arms around their head and they were caught in the web that was your guard.  Very quickly, you probably realized that the satisfied feeling you received holding someone in closed guard was extremely short lived. For more on the dying art of the closed guard, check out this article from BJJ Fanatics! All the opponent needed to do was put some pressure on your chest and upper torso, creating a tiny...

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BJJ Fanatics recently asked Tom DeBlass what he thought were the three most important qualities that a jiu jitsu practitioner should strive for or embody in their training.  Without missing a beat, Tom said that they were "relentlessness, a positive attitude and gratitude to your team."  These three concepts can serve as goals that we all try to improve on the way towards our goals. As a world class competitor, coach of students who have achieved the highest grappling stages themselves and the owner of his academy Ocean County BJJ, Tom's advice can be applied by someone who is just...

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Training BJJ is not a solitary activity.  Just like it takes a village to raise a child, as the old saying goes, it takes an academy, an instructor and a lot of training partners over the years to raise a black belt.  One of the most important skills you can set your mind to acquiring is not the berimbolo, but instead the skill of being the best training partner you can be.  Let's take a look at some ways you can achieve this goal!  Train with everyone Being a good training partner means understanding that training is a two way...

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BJJ escapes are probably the first area of one's game that you will begin to notice a distinct weakness in as you begin to amass knowledge.  We spend the vast majority of our training time focused on learning more and more techniques and positions that we will spend our time trying to put our opponent's and training partners into that we may forget to look at it from the other side of the coin and ask ourselves what in the world will we do when someone uses all of those moves that we are working on against us.  That first...

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