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We’ve all been in that position with the flexible lanky guy who plays a crazy open guard.  His legs seem to come out of nowhere every time we are about to pass the guard.  The open guard can be one of the most difficult guards to pass because it includes a variety of guards.  Some of the tricky guards we are referring to when we say open guards are De La Riva, Spider, Lasso, Reverse De La Riva and any other open guard. A great way to stop many of these open guards is to use a pass called the...

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The omoplata submission in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a shoulder lock in which an attacker isolates the shoulder with the legs and triangles them to put maximum torque on the opponents arm and shoulder joint similar to that experienced when caught in a kimura.  The technique has roots in judo and also catch wrestling historically, but didn't become popular until practitioners like Nino Schembri began to explore the potential of the omoplata as not only a submission, but also a set up to a sweep or other submissions.  It is argued that until the rise in popularity of sport jiu...

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