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The guillotine is a powerful choke that can force one's opponent to tap as an air choke, a blood choke or a combination of the two.  No matter which, it is a very high percentage submission when applied properly.  The technique is often bundled or taught hand in hand with the sit over or hip bump sweep and the kimura from closed guard, because all three options are in very close proximity to each other depending how your opponent is posturing themselves up in your closed guard.  This makes the guillotine often one of the earliest techniques that someone learns...

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Knowing how to attack from the back is one of the most important elements of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  If you get to someone’s back you have a massive advantage so it would be a shame not to capitalize on it.  Before learning back attacks, you need to learn how to control the back, if you are still having difficulty with back control check out our article “Take the Back, Keep the Back.” Moving forward, there are many advantages to the gi when it comes to back attacks. It is easier to finish your opponent from the back in the gi...

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In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it is vital to establish a well-rounded and complete bjj game.  What are we referring to when we say complete?  This means that you want to have a dangerously good guard, good passing, and good submissions.  You don’t want to be a one trick pony. If you want to start to develop your game as a whole, check out our article “Developing your BJJ Game.” This is contradicting to some of the things we have expressed in other articles like “Developing a good bjj game fast.”  We stress that it is better to be good at...

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 In the world of frustrating positions, being caught in North/South by a strong, knowledgeable opponent or training partner can be one of the most deadly positions you can find yourself in.  It's bad in so many ways.  First off you're flat on the back.  Secondly, your opponent may or may not be controlling one or more of your arms.  Lastly, with minimal effort the opponent will be able to wrap their arms around your neck which at the bare minimum just plain sucks whether they have a good choke arsenal or not. In the videos below, we have champions and...

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The standard mount and back mount positions are usually seen as the most dominant of all positions in jiu jitsu.  Both afford a wide variety of attack options for chokes and various limb attacks.  These two positions have the most value in terms of BJJ point competitions, with each earning 4 points in the majority of competitions.   It can be argued that side mount or side control is a more dominating and more devastating position for a few reasons as described below: Less Concern for the Hips In standard mount, ideally my knees are as high up in the...

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