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These No Gi Chokes Are Too Easy

These No Gi Chokes Are Too Easy

There's nothing that says "you will die... if you don't tap" more than a good jiu jitsu choke :)

Lachlan Giles is considered one of Australia's best grapplers - especially know for this coaching and training with other top Aussies:  Livia Gluchowska and Craig Jones.

He has also placed in the IBJJF No Gi Pan Ams, Pan Pacific Championship, Boa Super 8 and Eddie Bravo Invitational.

Lachlan Gilesis known for his no gi game, especially his chokes.  He is a master at attacking off of the front headlock into a variety of different chokes.


Here is a sample of some of his no gi chokes.  Our favorite is his details and explanation on the guillotine choke (standing standing and hitting the front headlock first)

In the next video he shows the 10 finger guillotine when the head in stuck in front when your opponent is turtled in front of you.  This video is a sample from his new DVD Series High Percentage Chokes: No Gi by Lachlan Giles

One our favorite closed guard controls is The Williams Guard and the Z-Guard. Lachlan his a sweet transition and triangle choke from this position. While it may not be one of his famous guillotine chokes, his set up and transition are definitely worth watching.

To learn more nasty and high percentage no gi chokes - check out more of Lachlan's Simple and Nasty No Gi Chokes with his DVD set here.