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So 2018 is well under way and maybe your New Years resolutions are not going as well as planned.  If the whole "New Year, New Me" hype fizzled out for you not long after the ball dropped in New York City, there is still hope.  If you're training BJJ, you already know what a great workout that can be.  Training jiu jitsu is one of the most dynamic workouts because it taxes so many different bodily systems.  Jiu jitsu works your cardio, your flexibility and your strength all simultaneously.  There are very few exercise programs that can improve your overall...

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One of the most elusive things that everyone who steps on the BJJ mats is looking for, even beyond their next stripe or belt promotion, is good cardio.  Think back to the first time you took a BJJ class.  The classic jiu jitsu class is usually made up of anywhere from a 10-20 (or longer) minute warm up, some technique and drill practice and usually wraps up with some live rounds of sparring. Having traveled and trained at a wide of schools, the warm up has varied anywhere from light stretching on the easy end, all the way to 30...

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With the holidays upon us and the end of 2017 nearing fast, this is the time we reflect on goals and resolutions we made at the end of 2016 and measure our successes and the areas that we came up short in this year.  Millions of people every year make grand statements about life changing goals, but sadly, many never follow through.  Let's take a look at some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu related resolution ideas and put a plan in place to make sure that 2018 is the year that you step out of the less than 10% of people follow...

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Tis the season to be spending too much time shopping and eating fast food rather than taking care of yourself and your health.  It's okay, you think, the next 30 days or so will be meaningless when I set my 2018 New Years Resolutions and completely change my life and start working out 6 days a week, eating zero carbs, achieving my black belt in BJJ and writing that great American novel I've been planning to write for a while now.  Can I do all of those things I plan to do?  Absolutely.  But is it likely that someone will...

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Jiu Jitsu training teaches one to explore and find the most efficient way to use one's body against another body to control and ultimately submit one's opponent.  Strength is typically eschewed as not the most important element of one's arsenal when learning, but it's important to not completely forget strength altogether.  For this reason, many jiu jitsu athletes turn to cross-training programs to improve their overall fitness, conditioning, and also strength.  It's also important to be efficient in the design of our training programs.  Most of our development happens on the mats and many people don't have endless amounts of...

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