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Tom DeBlass has been a black belt for over 9 years now.  He recently received the third degree on his black belt, awarded to him by his longtime instructor Ricardo Almeida, himself the very first black belt from the legendary Renzo Gracie.  Not only has he developed his world class jiu jitsu and teaching philosophy as part of a legendary lineage, but he has also used that knowledge to produce high level black belts of his own, namely Garry Tonon, who is currently slated to take another step in his mentor's shoes and begin his MMA career in March. Tom...

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We spend a lot of time working techniques in the laboratory that is the training mats at our academies against training partners who are essentially allowing us to work out technique.  Very rarely does the execution of a specific technique or submission look exactly like what your Instructor or Coaches has shown the class.   Most times, as the unwilling partner during live training, or the opponent during a competition recognizes the submission we're going for and begin to counter or work a potential escape.  In some cases, we are able to still catch the originally planned submission in the scramble or...

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Recently, ADCC and UFC veteran Tom DeBlass took to social media to address the age old question of whether or not jiu jitsu competition is necessary to be promoted and ultimately earn your black belt.  There are a wide variety of stances on this topic.  With all of the available promotions and rule set variations, it is nearly possible for most average practitioners around the country to compete one or twice a month if they wanted to.  The number of competitors seems to be growing, but for most schools, the percentage of competitors is usually around 10-15%.   The choice to...

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Tom DeBlass is one of the most beloved BJJ competitors, instructors and coaches out there today.  With a perfect blend of world class technique and instruction, along with life changing motivational wisdom and fitness advice, he currently finds himself sought for seminars and speaking engagements booking them years in advance now.  Known for always being accessible to not only his nearly 350 students at his home academy, Ocean County Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the thousands of students that make up his growing affiliation of 10 schools, but to also the average BJJ practitioner who simply needs a word or two...

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It seems that there are as many approaches to diet and nutrition as there are Gracie family members.  Take a look at the local bookstore or on Amazon and you will find literally thousands of books on the topic.  Google the word "diet" and you'll find nearly 700,000,000 hits.  It is easy to find oneself lost in the jungle of nutrition advice.  Where should you start if you are training BJJ and looking to support yourself through proper nutrition?  Though here at BJJ Fanatics, we don't advocate any specific nutritional approach, there are some key questions that you need to...

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