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Back control is an essential component to becoming a well-rounded bjj athlete. Back control is one of the most important things to develop. If you manage to take your opponent’s back, it is not a simple task so you can’t let them escape.  Back control is not simple to master! In order to have good back control you want to stay tight to your opponent with a seat belt grip, keep your head tight to them, and threaten your opponent with submissions so they have to work.  Maintaining the back is one of the best things you can learn to...

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When becoming a guard player, it is crucial to have a wide arsenal of attacks from different guards.  One of the most important elements to becoming a tricky guard player is learning back takes from the guard.  Learning back takes from the guard is a must for guard players.  Back takes just refers to a move that leads you directly to the back.   Some very famous back takes from guard are the berimbolo, the kiss of the dragon, and the half guard under hook back take. All three of these are great moves to incorporate into your guard game. The...

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The berimbolo has quickly become one of the most popular and effective moves in sport Jiu Jitsu today.  It is frequently utilized by multiple time world champions at the highest levels of competitions.  The berimbolo has one of the highest success rates for any position. Many people are very intimidated by the berimbolo, and some won’t even attempt to learn it.  The berimbolo is not as intimidating as it looks.  There is a common misconception that you should be young, skinny, and flexible to berimbolo, this is not true at all.  In particular, people are intimidated by the inversion aspect...

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Back mount is arguably the most dominating of BJJ positions that exists.  From a self defense perspective, the person who's back has been taken has arguably the least amount of weapons or counters against the position.  Sure I can try to grab or punch at the person on my back's face, but they can easily protect themselves by staying tight and protecting their face behind my head. From a competition standpoint, the back position is one of the most highly rewarded with full back mount with both legs or hooks in controlling the opponent's hips being awarded 4 points.  In...

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