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Taking the Back with Lucas Leite

Taking the Back with Lucas Leite


I’ve always been fascinated how high level BJJ players take the back. The best seems to be able to find it from anywhere and the transitions are downright masterful. Yet in many cases very simple. One of the most common positions to take the back from is the turtle. With our opponents back already exposed, it’s certainly enticing to pursue the back take from this classic position. We can opt for upper or lower body control, and there’s a myriad of different methods we can employ to open our partners up and set our hooks.

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Lucas Leite is well known as a half guard master. His highlight reels are a blast to watch, and his instructionals are packed with amazing material and insightful details. So how does this titan like to take the back? Check out this video. Leite explains his approach to taking the back when his partner has chosen to ball up nice and tight in the turtle. Have a look!

From the turtle, Leite lines up almost directly behind his partner encapsulating and pinching his partner’s hips with his knees. He shifts his body and tucks his right shin right next to his partners shin creating a wedge and causing his partner’s body to begin to tilt. As he knocks his partner off of his base, Leite does not have the ability to set the bottom hook yet. But his partners hips are inside his knee, and that means he can still advance. Leite simply throws his top leg over, and sets this hook first. He uses his top hook and closes his bottom knee to bring his partner to the other side, where he can set his other hook and secure his seat belt grip.

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After the controls are established Leite can begin to attack the back in whatever way he chooses. Great stuff!

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