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The Roger Gracie Closed Guard System by Roger Gracie


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Roger Gracie

Professional Fighter

Learn from the most successful closed guard player ever with Roger Gracie’s closed guard system, totally explained in this 4-part series

  • Lock on airtight submissions that work at elite levels, including cross chokes, lapel chokes, arm locks, and more
  • Roger Gracie is one of the most dominant grapplers in history, with 10 Black Belt World Championships and 2-Time ADCC Champion - and he did it with old school Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Attack the back and get to dominant position with Roger’s series for getting to the back mount with side closed guard
  • Sweep with the most fundamental offense from closed guard, as Roger explains how to get the best scissor sweep, hook sweep, lumberjack sweeps, and more
  • Roger’s closed guard is one of the best in history, and he was able to make this old school position work at the world championship level for years

Course Content

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Volume 1

0:32 Maintaining in the Closed Guard
4:08 Chokes - Cross Collar Choke
18:39:00 Choking With The Lapel
26:19:00 Collar Choke

Volume 2

8:51 Arm Lock With The Lapel
14:35 Lapel Choke Variation To Arm Lock
18:21 Other Submissions - Kimura
23:47:00 Wrist Lock

Volume 3

2:54 Lumberjack To Knee Bar
4:45 Sweeps - Scissor Sweep & Hook Sweep
7:44 Leg And Arm Sweep When Both Knees On The Floor
11:15 Signature Sweep
14:16:00 Omoplata Sweep
22:19:00 Variation Sweep From Guillotine

Volume 4

15:35 Extra Techniques - Triple Attacks Wrapping The Arm
18:04 Closed Guard Concepts
7:46 Outro

10-Time World Champion Roger Gracie - Maybe The Best Closed Guard Player Ever - Shares His Secrets For Dominating With Sweeps And Submissions - Including His Signature Cross Choke & Back Takes

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What Will You Learn?

In this groundbreaking series from BJJ Fanatics, you can learn from the most successful closed guard player ever as Roger Gracie teaches you his entire system for this foundational position. Across these 4-parts, you will get step-by-step detail on Roger’s most high percentage offense, with techniques anyone can use for success.

Closed guard is one of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most common and fundamental positions, but so many have trouble finding effective offense from this position. Now, you can change all that as the most successful closed guard player in history, Roger Gracie, is here to show you how he was able to revolutionize this old school guard.

Roger Gracie is one of, if not the single most, dominant grapplers in history, with ten world championships to his credit. What was even more remarkable was how basic and old school his game was, with techniques that everyone knows done with precision and technical perfection that others couldn’t match. Now you can benefit from his incredible knowledge base with this series.

Use Roger’s signature techniques for huge improvement in your game, including the arm locks, cross choke, and signature sweep with high percentage results. Roger includes every step by step detail that you will ever need for all the offense, defense, and more from his complete system from closed guard.

Leg And Arm Sweep With Both Knees On The Floor

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Introduction 
  • Intro To Closed Guard
  • Maintaining in the Closed Guard 
  • Chokes 
  • Cross Collar Choke 
  • Choking With The Lapel 
  • Collar Choke 

Part 2:

  • Armlocks 
  • Arm Lock
  • Breaking The Posture To Get The Arm Lock 
  • Arm Lock With The Lapel 
  • Lapel Choke Variation To Arm Lock 
  • Other Submissions 
  • Kimura
  • Wrist Lock 

Part 3:

  • Lumberjack Attacks 
  • Lumberjack Sweep 
  • Lumberjack Variation 
  • Lumberjack To Knee Bar 
  • Sweeps
  • Scissor Sweep & Hook Sweep 
  • Leg And Arm Sweep When Both Knees On The Floor
  • Signature Sweep 
  • Omoplata Sweep 
  • Variation Sweep From Guillotine 

Part 4:

  • Back Attacks
  • Taking The Back 
  • Taking The Back When The Opponent Is Standing High 
  • Extra Techniques 
  • Triple Attacks Wrapping The Arm 
  • Closed Guard Concepts 
  • Outro 

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