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Back control is an essential component to becoming a well-rounded bjj athlete. Back control is one of the most important things to develop. If you manage to take your opponent’s back, it is not a simple task so you can’t let them escape.  Back control is not simple to master! In order to have good back control you want to stay tight to your opponent with a seat belt grip, keep your head tight to them, and threaten your opponent with submissions so they have to work.  Maintaining the back is one of the best things you can learn to...

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The standard mount and back mount positions are usually seen as the most dominant of all positions in jiu jitsu.  Both afford a wide variety of attack options for chokes and various limb attacks.  These two positions have the most value in terms of BJJ point competitions, with each earning 4 points in the majority of competitions.   It can be argued that side mount or side control is a more dominating and more devastating position for a few reasons as described below: Less Concern for the Hips In standard mount, ideally my knees are as high up in the...

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