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Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is always difficult.  Some say it can be more difficult for the smaller people, some say it’s more difficult for the bigger guys.  No matter what your build, age, fitness level, or health, bjj is going to be difficult.  Everyone will experience their own hardships along their journey.  One thing that can be consistent is that for small guys that grapple larger opponents, some submissions will work better than others. Submitting larger opponents, especially of the same level can be daunting.  There are plenty of submissions that work extremely well, but today we are going to...

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Leg locks are becoming increasingly popular with the growth of nogi, submission only and tournaments like EBI.  Many people assume leg locks are only effective nogi because you can’t reap in many gi divisions and you can’t utilize the heel hook. There are several leg locks that are extremely devastating in the gi.   Three of the most devastating leg locks in the gi are the strait foot lock, the knee bar, and the toe hold.  These three leg attacks are extremely good in the gi, some may even say they are better because you have the pants which make escapes...

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Leg locks are quickly becoming extremely popular throughout the Jiu Jitsu community.  With the revolution in sub only tournaments leg locks have increased in popularity.  They are an effective tool in gi, nogi, and MMA.  We wrote an article, “Leg Locks Overview” discussing the basics of leg locks, if you’d like an introduction to leg locks, check it out! Today, we discuss different benefits to learning leg locks.  Leg locks are commonly perceived only as submissions.  Although they are primarily used as submissions, they can also be used to sweep your opponent, as a defense mechanism, and as a tool...

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With the recent prevalence of the heel hook in competition grappling, there is one submission that has in some regards fallen by the wayside: the ankle lock.  Many grapplers do not realize the efficiency and devastating power of the ankle lock, because of its legality in lower divisions, and because if done incorrectly it is […]

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