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Add Some Sambo to Your Leg Lock Entries

Add Some Sambo to Your Leg Lock Entries


Let's face it, whether you're a high level competitor or just an average person training 2-3 times a week, all of us our searching for that one piece of knowledge that can help us edge out our opponents.  Jumping with both feet into the world of lower body submissions and learning of leg locks can be one of the best things you can do to begin setting yourself apart from others on the mats. 

But most of us don't have extra hours to research and drill all of the many leg lock entries, positions and submission.  Everyone could use a shortcut or resource that helps make this strange new world of leg submissions easier to maneuver.

As you work to become a leg lock ace, exploring ankle locks, toe holds, knee bars and the much maligned heel hook, you will find that they begin to appear and become more available as you begin to understand the entries or set ups for these techniques.  The more entries we have, the more likely we are going to be able to set up the techniques we are seeking.

Sambo is a relatively young martial art, beginning in Russia not long after World War 1.  Developed through a variety of groups working to prepare soldiers to be more equipped for battle, the art has developed into a number of sporting variations that featuring and favor leg locks predominantly. 

Interestingly, it is leg lock OG Dean Lister who had a background in sport Sambo that would ultimately influence the course of BJJ and jiu jitsu through not only his competitive dominance in the most prestigious grappling events and also his conversation with John Danaher which opened the Renzo Gracie back belt's eyes about the potential of leg attacks for his students.

Vlad Koulikov was inspired by his father who was also an athlete to become involved in competitive Sambo while still living in Russia.  In the mid-90s when he immigrated to America, he was unable to find a gym in which to train Sambo, but he was able to find a jiu jitsu gym.  He immediately fell in love and brought his high level knowledge and competitive pedigree in Sambo and began blending the two arts.

In the video below Vlad brings a unique leg lock lock entry to BJJ Fanatics that creates a scenario which unbalances his partner and forces Single Leg X guard followed by a back roll that allows him to end up in a strong belly down ankle or achilles lock.  Check it out below.

 Using his partner, black belt Mike Palladino's belt to anchor himself, Vlad simultaneously pulls Mike into him as he sits to the ground.  This causes Palladino to stumble forward, allowing Vlad to enter into Single Leg X and follow the stumbling partner rolling backwards while staying connected to his hips.

This perfectly sets up a simple, but devastating belly down achilles lock.  Note the key detail Vlad shares regarding how he bases himself out with his head. This allows him to set up the lock and finish by driving the hips towards his opponent's thigh rather than arching the back which according to Vlad is a much less efficient finish.

If you're ready to add more Sambo to your leg lock entries and your BJJ in general check out Vlad Koulikov's new Sambo for BJJ instructional from BJJ Fanatics.  What you will find is that Sambo may be the perfect compliment to your BJJ as Vlad will share the takedowns, positions, and submissions that will make your progress skyrocket whether you are a young competitor or the average practitioner who has to go to work in the morning, who is looking for an edge on the mats.


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