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Leg locks are becoming increasingly popular with the growth of nogi, submission only and tournaments like EBI.  Many people assume leg locks are only effective nogi because you can’t reap in many gi divisions and you can’t utilize the heel hook. There are several leg locks that are extremely devastating in the gi.   Three of the most devastating leg locks in the gi are the strait foot lock, the knee bar, and the toe hold.  These three leg attacks are extremely good in the gi, some may even say they are better because you have the pants which make escapes...

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The foot lock is one of the most underrated submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Many people assume that the foot lock does not actually threaten a break, but is a “pain” submission.  This is a common misconception, if applied properly, the foot lock can very easily break your opponent’s metatarsals. Why do people think that the foot lock is a “pain” submission?  It could be the fact that in the Black Belt matches at the IBJJF worlds, you will rarely see a foot lock finish. You have some people that don’t tap to it.  For instance, the Miyao Brothers are...

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Rodrigo Cavaca is the best guy int he world for footlocks in a gi - period.  He is a footlock submission machine A lot of people teach footlocks, the problem is that is a gi they are easy to defend- if  the opponent grabs your sleeve or lapel, you can't lean back and put enough pressure on his lower leg to get the submission.  Cavaca has a very nice fix for this. In this video, Cavaca shows 2 options to always get the footlock. Remember that when you have footlocks in your game - all of your rolls and matches...

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Foot locks are a great equalizer of competitors. They are painful, effective and can even partially replace passing guard in certain situations. Out of all of the foot lock attacks in Jiu Jitsu, probably the most interesting is the straight foot lock done in the style of Luiz Panza. Luiz does not perform the straight […]

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