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Devastating Belly Down Foot Lock with Tarik Hopstock!

Devastating Belly Down Foot Lock with Tarik Hopstock!



A good straight foot lock is worth its weight in gold. We hear a lot of BJJ players stating that they don’t tap to straight ankle locks. My response to this? Maybe its never been applied properly to your foot. A truly devastating straight ankle lock is no joke, and though it does not recruit the twisting elements of more dangerous leg locks that attack the knee, it’s still a powerhouse of a technique and can cause real damage. 

The straight foot lock attack can be amplified a great deal when we decide to take it to a belly down position. When we travel to belly down, the leverage we can achieve when applying the lock is tremendous and you’ll see many quick taps from this position. 

Going belly down is a great answer to a very traditional style of defense for a common straight ankle attack. In a single leg x style configuration of the legs, its highly likely that the opposing party will try to immediately remove your foot from their hip and begin to pass over your leg to untangle themselves. This is the perfect time to set up a belly down variation of the straight foot lock. 

Tarik Hopstock performs this technique better than most. He’s demonstrated his ability to employ this style of submission at the highest levels and he’s developed a system to chase this particular submission and finish it. With the release of his new instructional The Belly Down Foot Lock from Single Leg X, were getting a look at Hopstock’s unique road map to attacking the legs of a standing passer. Hopstock’s style is modern and innovative and he compiled a very relevant collection of great techniques here in his latest release. 

Let’s take a look at some instruction from Hopstock on the belly down variation of the foot lock. Here, he gives us an idea of what to expect from his new instructional and a look at some of the intricacies pertaining to the actual lock itself. There are some great details to pick up here! Check this out! 


Beginning in single leg x guard, Hopstock addressed a very common reaction that we discussed previously. His partner removes his outside foot from his hip and begins to travel over Hopstock’s leg to begin releasing himself from the position. As this occurs, Hopstock makes a very important adjustment. The leg that has just been cleared is now on the under side of his partners thigh. Here, Hopstock plants his instep on the inside of his partners leg, controlling movement and mobility. He then connects his free foot to his partner hip, coupling his feet together and creating a very strong frame. 

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This next detail should be observed carefully and it may be the reason that this move goes wrong for so many of us. Before transitioning to a belly down position, Hopstock pinches his knees together. BUT he makes sure to keep his knees at the same level as his partner’s knee. This will make for a smooth transition to the belly and help him stay out of his own way. You may need to perform a small hip escape here to make sure this happens, but it seems to be of great importance here. 

Hopstock then slides his grip on the foot down the leg as far as possible, with the heel stopping the blade of his forearm from advancing any further. Next, he leans forward and passes his lapel to the hand in charge of the lock. This looks to really tighten things up! Hopstock then begins the transition tot eh belly. Here he makes contact with the mat with his shoulder first, making sure to keep his elbow tight to his body throughout the movement. As he arrives on his knees, Hopstock uses his free hand to stabilize himself and then with an arching movement, lifts his body and commands the tap. As Bernardo Faria explains the submission also puts a unique pressure on his foot that he hasn’t really experienced with locks of  the same family tree. It seems there is twisting pressure at play here too, which will only add another layer of pain and danger to this particular variation. 

Not only is this lock devastating, but it also answers one of the most common reactions you will face when pursuing a straight foot lock. There some micro details here at work that can’t be ignored and Hopstock has definitely covered all his bases. 

This is great answer to a common defense that ends in tragedy for the foot of Hopstock’s opponents! Can’t wait to see more of these young superstars’ take on the single leg x position and all of its utilities! 

The Belly Down Footlock From Single Leg X by Tarik Hopstock
The Belly Down Footlock From Single Leg X is the ANSWER you were looking for to defeat Standing Passers. Tarik Hopstock is quickly becoming a Jiu-Jitsu Game Changer! Don’t miss out on these Top-Notch Details with Tarik Hopstock.



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