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Tom DeBlass has been a black belt for over 9 years now.  He recently received the third degree on his black belt, awarded to him by his longtime instructor Ricardo Almeida, himself the very first black belt from the legendary Renzo Gracie.  Not only has he developed his world class jiu jitsu and teaching philosophy as part of a legendary lineage, but he has also used that knowledge to produce high level black belts of his own, namely Garry Tonon, who is currently slated to take another step in his mentor's shoes and begin his MMA career in March. Tom...

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At most academies, BJJ promotions can be few and far between.  Whether it is a stripe or a new belt, chances are you've put in a lot of work before you are considered for or rewarded with a promotion. It can take upwards of a decade or more to achieve your black belt and with only three belt colors between white and black, promotions are hard won and relatively rare.  You've been training hard for so long, you begin to get tempted to perhaps take some time off.  Or perhaps after getting that blue or purple belt, you start to...

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Unless you've been living under a rock and probably not training BJJ for the last 5 or so years, you have heard about the rise of the leg submission game.  With more and more grapplers walking in the footsteps of OGs likes Dean Lister and starting to attack the lower half of the body, coupled with the rise of grappling events and tournaments that have a much more liberal rule set that allows for all of the leg attacks, these techniques have become far more than 'dirty thieves' but have now become essential.  Adding them to your repetoire, especially if...

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Historically, a primer is a short book or document that gives one an introduction to a topic.  In the past, primers have been used to teach children to read or to briefly encapsulate a topic for easy digestion and quick understanding.  With the rapid growth and spread of jiu jitsu as a sport and hobby, along with the ever-changing landscape of popularly favored techniques or schools of thought, it is helpful to have a short introductory guide to help practitioners begin to understand an area that might be new to them. In this article, we are going to give a...

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The dust is settling, falling like snow on the landscape in Finland as the world's elite grappling and jiu jitsu competitors reflect on the weekend's battles.  Most will go home, reflecting on matches which given another chance, they may have won.  A select few will go home bearing medals, some bronze, some silver, and a few gold.  One of those athletes entered the competition battlefield full of bravado, promised the world he would shock us, and he did.  Facing arguably the most stacked division in the -88kg division, Gordon foreshadowed victory and the path he took could have been scripted...

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