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Late To The Party? Learn Garry Tonon’s Incredible Late Stage Triangle Defense

Late To The Party? Learn Garry Tonon’s Incredible Late Stage Triangle Defense



How much trouble are you in? The art of the escape is a tricky one and its not always as simple as understanding the pickle you’re in, but the level of danger. There are different tiers to escaping. For instance, in an arm bar. Are you dealing with the beginning stages of the arm bar? Is the arm caught but not extended? Or are you completely exposed with a fully extended limb? Each of these scenarios will require a different response and you might be surprised at how much they differ from one another. 

The triangle is a complex submission. There are a great many moving parts when we’re considering this one. Eliminating an arm from the guard, creating an angle, controlling posture. At each of these different junctures, the passer is in more trouble and finally the inevitable. Late stage triangle defense can be very tricky. With a fully locked triangle, there’s not a whole lot of time to think as the blood supply quickly minimizies. Any panic here, will surely aid in your demise, Its important to stay calm as you unwind yourself and begin to look for the nearest exit. 

Garry Tonon is one of the great masters of the escape. It seems Tonon is willing to get himself in trouble on purpose at the highest levels, just to see if he can get out. Time and time again we’ve witnessed miraculous and bizarre escapes that have us scratching our heads and wondering how Tonon did it. He’s the Houdini of BJJ. Not only does Tonon display masterful capabilities of escape on a regular basis, in many cases he also follows up his escape with a counter that his opponents usually don’t see coming. This is an important skill to add to your ability to escape. Having a counter ready when you’re on your way out of a bad position is an excellent strategic tool to possess and Tonon performs these kinds of sequences quite beautifully. 

We’ve missed Gary! He’s turned his sights to MMA, and has become wildly successful, boasting a perfect record, but our favorite grappler seems to be making somewhat of a return to the BJJ competition scene. Tonon took some time out from the cage to return to the grappling arena for this year’s ADCC world championships.

Tonon, in his signature fashion, provided some of the most memorable moments of the entire weekend, showcasing his unique abilities and athleticism. Tonon claimed a bronze medal this year for his efforts, after what was quite the exciting run up to the semifinals in the Olympics of grappling. Tonon never disappoints. He always gives it 110% and he’s a showman to boot. It’s good to see Tonon back on the grappling circuit, and we will certainly enjoy it while it lasts! 

In this video, Tonon walks us through a late stage triangle escape. The details here are phenomenal and if you’ve ever run into trouble with the triangle, you’re going to want to check this out! 


Tonon regards space as your strongest ally here at the opening of the technique. With a triangle locked, Tonon immediately finds a wedge in his partner’s armpit or locks his hands and looks to gain as much posture back as he possibly can. With the locked hands he’s able to pull his arms across his partner’s body, minimizing the pressure and tension on his neck Its important here though that in the process we don’t expose ourselves to any secondary attacks. This is something that must be in the forefront of your mind.

With some relief from the squeeze, Tonon now extends his arms and separates himself from his opponent, posturing up and placing his knees underneath his partner’s hips. Once he’s made it to this particular checkpoint, Tonon can begin to stand up. As he does, he steps over his partners torso with one leg, followed by the other, and then take a seat, crossing his feet.

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With the extension of his body, Tonon can separate his partner’s legs and begin to lay back and attack the feet. But he runs into problem here. His partner clears his feet from his belly and then locks the figure four, still pursuing the triangle. In response, Tonon posts on his partner’s torso with his hands and recoils his feet back up underneath his partners hips. When the time is right, Tonon the extends a leg, pinning the bicep, and gaining inside position on one of his partners arms. He then follows this up with the opposite foot, securing his partners other arm. Here, Tonon can continue the battle for the inside, pommeling his feet when necessary and tracking the position of the arms. If need be, Tonon can also enter his hands in to the fight for an extra layer of defense.

When he’s able, Tonon crosses his feet, locking across his partners belly. Here, removing the feet becomes very challenging for the bottom player and Tonon has bought himself some time to get to work. He can now take his time, extend his body, open up the legs and begin to enter the lower body submission game.

Tonon isn’t content to just settle for an exit. As you can see this escape transitions immediately into the legs and will cause his partner to have to switch his mindset quickly from attacking to defending. These kinds of shifts in a match can make all the difference and Tonon is more than proficient with these types of sequences. 

In Tonon’s newest release, Exit the System, you’re going to learn all about this incredibly effective system, of exiting and attacking. He’s laid out some blueprints for us all to look at regarding these types of procedures and the material is fantastic. This is a highly useful skillset that any practitioner can add to their game to become more dangerous and unpredictable! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

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