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The question of whether or not strength and conditioning helps your Jiu Jitsu has long been discussed.  Many people think it is essential for competitors and others believe that all your time should be spent working on Jiu Jitsu and not strength and conditioning.  The problem with this question is that it is not black and white.  There is a massive grey area on whether or not you should implement strength and conditioning routine to your training regimen. The grey area is that everybody is different.  Simply put, strength and conditioning may help some people and it may hurt others....

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We all know bjj can be one of the most tiring exercises in the world.  We have all been in the position where we are on our last round and can barely even attack our opponent, or when we go with the class competitors and can’t upkeep the high intensity pace.  Jiu Jitsu is commonly seen as a martial art but lest face the reality that bjj is also 100% a sport.   Since bjj is a sport that means that we have high level athletes participating and it is very cardio intensive.  We all know that rolling is extremely...

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If you train BJJ, you already know what kind of workout you are capable of getting.  There are very few jiu jitsu classes that one can attend where they don't come away covered in sweat with their hearts pounding and their muscles exhausted.  For many of us, BJJ training forms the core foundation of our fitness routines.  As one gains technical skill over time and muscle memory becomes more automatic, the energy expedenditure of jiu jitsu can decrease.  This is a good thing overall, as it means that your body is getting more efficient at performing the difficult task of...

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Once you start BJJ and fall in love with the seemingly endless road to black belt, you will change as time passes into a different practitioner.  As with any long-term endeavor, such as high school, a career or marriage, you are not the same person going in as you are at the end--not that BJJ or marriage ever have to end.  Our ideas and skill sets become more refined over time.  Our goals and priorities may shift.  This is normal in the course of human endeavor.  It is also common to look back at the early stages of anything and wax...

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Anyone who trains BJJ knows that it is an amazing workout.  The average class at every BJJ gym and academy typically begins with a short (or sometimes long) warm-up that could include light jogging around the edges of the mats, calisthenics, stretching, and BJJ-specific mobility exercises.  By the time the first 15-20 minutes of class is over, your heart is pounding, your body is warm and you haven't even started training yet.  Then while class is going on you are working with partners of all different sizes, pushing and pulling bodies, yours included.  By minute 45, if you're not sweaty...

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