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Have you heard of Kurt Osiander?  If you haven’t you may have been living under a rock.  Kurt is one of the biggest faces and names in bjj.  He is one of the few bjj competitors and teachers to put Jiu Jitsu on the mainstream radar.  Kurt was featured on the CNN show “Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown.” This is one of the biggest shows on CNN and it is also on Netflix. Kurt has been traning bjj for well over a decade and is a black belt under the infamous Ralph Gracie. Ralph Gracie is notoriously one of the toughest...

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The baratoplata is one of the least popular and the most underrated submissions in bjj.  You may not have even heard of this position.  The barataoplata was invented by Rafael Freitas, a competitive Gracie Barra black belt but was quickly adapted by legends such as Caio Terra.  This move has been proven effective at the highest levels of competitions on multiple occasions. There are several reasons that the baratoplata are so effective.  The primary reason is because of how easily you can get into it.  You can get into the position from so many places, top, bottom, and from other...

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The cross choke has long been one of the most popular submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the gi.  This choke utilizes the lapels on the kimono to constrict the corroded arteries of your opponents.  This has long been one of the most popular chokes because of how dynamic, efficient and effective it is.  The cross choke has several benefits; one of the biggest of them, is the fact that it can be applied from a variety of different positions.  Some of those include full mount, side control, knee on belly, bottom half guard, top half guard, and when someone...

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5x Adult Black Belt World Champion, Bernardo Faria has finally opened his new academy in Bedford, MA.  This academy is one of the most unique academies in the entire world and will surely become one of the most popular training destinations.  Bedford, MA is located right near Boston, MA and is near the north shore area of Massachusetts.  You can check out more on the academy here. Bernardo is known for being one of the nicest and most charismatic people in Jiu Jitsu both on and off of the mats.  He has a desire to help others, an extremely radiant...

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Kit Dale is the most accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor to come out of Australia.  He received his black belt in a mere 4 years.  Kit attributes his rapid progression to black belt to the fact that he focused on concepts as opposed to specific techniques.  Not only was he focused on a conceptual approach but he also trained all the time every day.  The combination of these 2 things made him accelerate at a fast pace.  Not only did Kit receive his black belt in just 4 years but he also managed to solidify himself as a world class...

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