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Blue Belt Requirements 2.0 by Roy Dean


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Roy Dean

Professional Fighter
Fourth degree black belt Roy Dean shows you 77 techniques every white belt should know to earn their first rank in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
With clear explanations and inspiring presentation, this stunning 2 hour course sets a new standard for instruction.
Chapters include:
The Great Physical Debate
Mount Escapes
Headlock Escapes
Side Mount Escapes
Armlocks from Guard
Chokes from Guard
Armlocks from Mount
Chokes from Mount
Knee on Belly
Back Attacks
Back Escapes
Guard Passes
Leg Locks
White to Black: The Triangle
Closing Credits

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Ukemi. Falling Skills 4:29
Forward Rolls 5:02
Backward Rolls 6:29
Forward Break Falls 7:46
Rear Breakfalls 9:18
Lateral Ukemi 10:22
Movements 11:04
Takedowns 14:46
Double Leg 16:16
Turn the Corner 17:18
Single Leg 18:00
Leg Flares Inside 18:48
Leg Flares Outside 19:27
Inside Trip Ouchi Gari 20:26
O Goshi Major Hip Throw 21:13
Harai Goshi Sweeping Hip Throw 22:20
Mount Escapes 23:28
Trap and Roll 24:51
Overhook 25:55
Foot Drag 27:08
Foot Lift 28:23
Combinations 29:23

Volume 2

Headlock Escapes 0
To Leg Scissor 1:23
To Kimura 2:38
To Armlock 3:35
Sidemount Escapes 4:54
Classic 6:17
To the Knees 8:04
Knee Block 9:25
Knee Block Combo 10:16
Far Arm Block 10:54
Kuzure Kesa Bait 11:52
Armlocks From Guard 12:55
Basic 15:03
Mechanics 18:04
Spin Under 20:27
Kimura 23:12
Telephone 24:57
Rolling Armlock 26:03
From Standing 26:56

Volume 3

Chokes From Guard 0
Palm Up Palm Up 1:46
Detail: Elbow Alignment 3:07
Palm Up Palm Down 4:15
The Loop Choke 6:18
Triangle Choke 8:14
Guillotine 10:42
Sweeps 12:19
Scissor 13:12
Push 14:38
Hip Bump 15:55
Armlocks from Mount 17:23
Spinning Armlock 19:06
Americana 21:04
Weaving In 23:14
Switching Arms 24:03
Chokes From Mount 24:50
Palm Up Palm Up 25:43
Palm Up Palm Down 26:24
The First Choke 28:07
Ezekial 29:04
Knee on Belly 29:35
Far Side Armlock 30:04
Baseball Bat Choke 31:17

Volume 4

Back Attacks 0
Rear Naked Choke 0:47
Armlock from the Back 2:17
Back Escapes 3:22
Scoot Down 3:37
Bridge to Top Arm 4:33
Bridge to Bottom Arm 4:58
Grab the Head 5:33
Hands Down Hips Up 6:04
Guard Passing 6:31
Zones of Safety 9:38
Over the Leg 10:27
Under the Leg 12:21
Hands on Hip Resistance 14:16
Inside Frame 15:30
Thigh Switch 16:47
Step Around 17:30
Stand to Open 18:17
Knee Up Center 19:42
Leg Locks 20:54
Straight Ankle Lock 22:02
Toe Press 23:48
Kneebar 25:25
Heel Hook 26:24
Inside Heel Hook 27:17
Heel Hook to Kneebar 28:11
Footwork Sequence 28:32
White to Black 30:25
Outro 35:51

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