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MMA Workouts


A popular workout for fighters and non-fighters alike has become the MMA style workout. Known for its tough circuits, that work cardio, muscles and toning, the workouts can get anyone in shape if followed through. MMA workouts work great as a circuit. For these circuits, I usually set each exercise for one minute. Here are some ways you can set up this style of training.

Tire Flip Ups

This is a common one you can see at most MMA gyms. Getting a big tractor tire, and getting it from one side of the gym to the other. Using your legs and arms, not your back, you must flip up the tire and get it to the other side of the area where you’re working out. This is a great way to build strength.

Footwork Ladder

This exercise will work on your footwork and agility. Set up a footwork ladder on the ground, and work various styles of footwork in and out of the ladder. This will get you light on your feet. In addition to your footwork, and agility, this also works your cardio due to the quick movements involved.

Shadow Boxing

Self explanatory. Shadow box in a medium sized spot. Use footwork, punches and kicks. Get your blood moving and work on correct form while you’re shadow boxing. This is always in my circuits.

Punching Heavy Bag

Put on a pair of 12-14oz Boxing gloves and get on the heavy bag. Here is where you can put power into your punches unlike in shadow boxing. You’ll be able to move around the bag and work on your form, while you also inject power into the exercise.

Jump Roping

This is a must for any combat sport athlete. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Boxer, an MMA fighter or a Jiu Jitsu competitor, jump rope really works your cardio, but once again has the bonus of working on your agility and footwork. It also helps you with timing.

There are many more exercises you can incorporate to make an MMA style workout (check also Thai Boxing Low Kicks by Manachai), but this is the circuit that has helped me and my teammates get ready for the times we had to compete. Even if you’re not a fighter by trade, it will get you in fighter shape. MMA workouts can and will help you improve your health.

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