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People often wonder what kind of conditioning exercises should be used to prepare for Jiu Jitsu tournaments. There is a lot of varying opinions on what kind of conditioning is correct for the sport. Jiu Jitsu exercises need to focus on two things, cardio and working against muscle fatigue. Someone does not need to do a ton of heavy lifting like body builders, or need to do a ton of extensive long last cardio exercises like runners do. Here are some great exercises for Jiu Jitsu athletes.

Circuit Training –

I really like circuit training for BJJ. It works out your cardio and works to make your muscles less prone to fatigue. There are many specific exercises that can go into circuits. I use 30 second intervals for these exercises as well. A good example of a circuit you can perform…Intervals of sprawls, bridging, shrimping, jumping jacks, pushups and planks. You can mix up these or add your own.

Jogging –

For any sport, jogging is always a good exercise. It will open up your lungs and improve your cardio. You don’t have to do a ton of miles, but getting in a daily jog will always help you. Don’t set time goals, just get out there and run.

Kettle Bells –

While I advise against a lot of heavy lifting, one particular weight activity that works not only against muscle fatigue, but also works your grips, is kettle bells. You can find kettle bells at some different sports stores, and either find a coach (if you have the time) or do lifting on your own. Though if you lift on your own, definitely do research on how to properly lift the kettle bells. Kettle bells give a unique addition to your strength, both muscular and grip wise.

Rolling –

And of course, good ole fashioned rolling is perfect to get yourself ready for tournaments. Not only are you testing your cardio and muscular strength, but you actually get to work on your Jiu Jitsu techniques and positions. Try to get as many rolls as you can in. I tend to go for forty-five minutes to one hour of rolls, with limited breaks in between. This is a time where you can work your favorite and high percentage submissions. Here is an excellent supplement for this part of training. Check out “High Percentage Submissions 4 Vol Set by Bernardo Faria – JUST CLICK HERE.

If you can get this conditioning in, you will become a finely tuned Jiu Jitsu athlete. You will not gas out and lose matches because you are tired, which can be frustrating and disappointing. Keep yourself in good shape, and dominate on the mats! Leandro Lo is a very good example of good conditioning, he never gas out in his matches, what makes him one of the most dominant bjj athletes in the history (You can get a FREE BJJ Instructional Mini-Course from Leandro Lo – Just CLICK HERE)


Check Out this awesome conversation between Bernardo Faria and his Physical Conditional Conditioning Coach Kevin Paretti.



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