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Garry Tonon’s Beautiful Flying Triangle Setup

Garry Tonon’s Beautiful Flying Triangle Setup



When we think of the  most exciting grapplers to ever grace the competition stage, Garry Tonon is easily at the very top of the list. When Tonon comes to the competitive grappling arena he doesn't just bring an incredible will to win, he puts on a show. Tonon, who’s come up in a very influential and prominent BJJ circle, has produced dozens of  jaw dropping performances and created memorable moments that the grappling community will hold dear to their hearts for decades to come. 

Tonon’s impressive athleticism is unique and will likely never be duplicated in the future of combat sports. He’s in tune with his body on a level that's not common and this is apparent in his jiu-jitsu and in his MMA endeavors as well. Tonon is undefeated inside the cage in his fights with OneFC. He’s displayed incredible toughness in the MMA arena and he’s  proved to the world of combat sports that he is truly a well rounded martial artist. Tonon has dispatched opponent after opponent using skills that many of us did not know he possessed. I often think Tonon would rather lose than revert back to his comfort zone. He seems to have a strong preference for beating his opponents at their own game, which demonstrates an incredible amount of heart and is another rare quality that adds to Tonon’s depth as a martial artist. 

At ADCC 2019, Tonon  put on an unforgettable display of grappling skill. His antics and jaw dropping grappling pedigree  brought the crowd to their feet on several occasions. With seemingly effortless movement and timing that's hard to comprehend, Tonon held the attention of the audience captive for the duration of his matches and treated the onlookers to much more than grappling contests. Coming away with bronze at ADCC, Tonon has added another amazing performance to the books and yet another elite level accolade to the trophy room, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Tonon at ADCC. 

Tonon's ability to wrestle, scramble , and submit are among his greatest skill sets and lucky for us, it's also the subject of his newest instructional. In Shoot to Kill: Wrestle, Scramble, Submit, Tonon is giving us insight into the science of his jiu-jitsu. From the takedown, to transitions, scrambles, and finishes, Tonon has compiled a comprehensive guide to what he does best. Shoot to Kill provides eight volumes of beautiful technique complimented by Tonon’s incredible ability to teach and convey information. 

Let’s take a look at an excerpt from the series to give us an idea of what's in store. This particular video deals with the flying triangle. There's some great information here that you need to see! 


Tonon is famous for his work with an over hook from a standing position. He dominates these exchanges with a wide variety of technique and this triangle set up is yet another layer to his over hook game. With some quick advice on how to achieve an over hook, Tonon simply advises us to secure a collar tie and take a circular step away from our training partners. As Tonon explains, this movement is very enticing and will in most cases cause the opposing party to voluntarily take an under hook. 

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With the over hook acquired, Tonon could attack the triangle at this stage but he’d have to travel a long distance to do so. He prefers to bring the exchange down to a lower level to give him a better chance for success. He does this by reaping the inside of his partners leg to cause an off balancing effect. As his partner steps out of the uchi mata attempt, his level has now become lower and he's connected his hand to the mat. Here, Tonon replaces his over hook with his same side leg high in the armpit. Now placing his hand on the floor to hold his bodyweight, Tonon makes an easy transition to the triangle set up position by bringing his free leg in front of his partner's posted hand and wrapping it around the neck. Advising us not to sit to our butt before the triangle is locked, Tonon demonstrates what might go wrong if we choose this option. His partner is easily able to secure the bottom leg and posture up, dismantling Tonon’s efforts. 

What's great about this variation is that it really requires no athleticism. Besides posting on the hand and briefly carrying your own weight, this is not an overly challenging set of movements but the payoff is huge. This is the kind of instruction Tonon is known for. He makes some of the seemingly more “frightening” sounding techniques in jiu-jitsu feel accessible. 

Shoot To Kill: Wrestle, Scramble, Submit by Garry Tonon
Highly anticipated, Shoot to Kill is a look at one of the most exciting and diverse games in jiu-jitsu. Tonon’s approach is sure to add incredible value to your toolbox and you'll enjoy his phenomenal level of technique and instruction throughout the series. This is a beautiful collection from one of the very best!



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