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Garry Tonon Back To Work!

Garry Tonon Back To Work!



Garry Tonon might just be the hardest working Martial Artist in America. After a long flight and an even longer week in Singapore Tonon is back doing his thing teaching Jiu-JItsu at the Evolve MMA Super Seminar. Friday night Tonon took less than a minute to finish his opponent with a Danaher approved heel hook.

Most athletes would take to the town to celebrate  a one minute victory using a submission that “doesn’t work”. Tonon on the other hand was right back in the action. If you’ve been following John Danaher or Gordon Ryan on Instagram you know that there is a Super Seminar taking place at Evolve MMA. Both Ryan brothers, John Danaher, and Mr. Tonon have been sharing ideas all week long.

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The day after defeating Yoshiki Nakahara, Garry was on the mats sharing technique to thwart the very move he used to defeat his opponent the night before. Some people might see this and say why would you give away your secrets? The Danaher squad is notorious for sharing the secret ingredients for their success, and for that the grappling world has gotten exponentially better. Check out the video here!


As you can see from the video it is a packed house at Evolve MMA, and rightfully so. Tonon starts the short segment describing pressure relief from the heel hook he is stuck in. He starts by pummeling his free leg from the inside to the outside. As his leg starts to cross his opponent’s hip line take note of the ninja move Tonon does with his right hand. Talk about exposing the heel! The leg that pummeled over his opponent’s is now used to kick free Nicky Ryan’s grip. As Nicky rolls to get free Tonon is entered into outside Ashi ready to apply his own heel hook.

Being able to go from a bad position to good position is ideal in Jiu-Jitsu. Going from a locked submission to your own locked submission might be the pinnacle of Jiu-Jitsu. If you made it all the way down through Danaher’s IG post you will have seen some big news. Tonon is set to film an instructional totally focused on escapes. As you can see from the video, as well as some of his excellent matches Tonon is a master of escapes.

Escapes can be hard to teach because they can end up relying on scrambles. Garry Tonon will surely be able to shed some knowledge on how the escapes work, and some behind the scenes tips that have helped him rise to the top of Jiu-Jitsu. Putting a scramble into words might be Tonon’s best strengths! Stay tuned for more Tonon news as well as updates on the rest of the DDS family!

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