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Polish Your Passing With A Little Polish Power!

Polish Your Passing With A Little Polish Power!



Adam Wardzinski has a very unique game. Although it is unique it is also very practical. Adam has beaten some of the sport’s very best by using a combination of butterfly guard, strong passing, and back attacks. Wardzinski is known for his butterfly guard game, but by sweeping so many folks over he has also developed a sturdy approach to passing.

Wardzinski recently launched Polish Power Passing. Adam starts Polish Power Passing by showing his highly successful knee slide pass. This makes sense because if you’ve ever played butterfly guard successfully you know that after sweeping you end up in a knee slide like position. This is one of the reasons Adam is so good with the knee slide because he’s always sweeping from the butterfly guard!

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The passing instructional ranges from your knee slides all the way to reverse de la riva passing. Here in this technique video Adam shares a tip to defeat an opponent using a knee shield or Z-guard position. Check it out here!

In this scenario Adam’s partner already has a knee shield set making it difficult for him to execute a weave style pass. Instead he opts for a collar grip with his left hand and a pant grip with his right. From here he explains how to stretch the arm out in a way so the opponent cannot re-engage his shield. The locking out of the joint is essential here because it provides structure to resist the opponent’s top leg. Another benefit to the locked out arm is that it drops the shoulder down and close to the partner.

Between the pant grip, the locked arm, and dropped shoulder there is a lot of force causing the opponent to flatten out. This is important because one of the strengths of half guard is when you are on your side which gives a lot more leverage to the position. If the opponent doesn’t defend or isn’t quick enough you can simply slide through for the pass.

If the opponent has a pulse and utilizes their free hand to block the knee from sliding through the solution involves a slight angular adjustment. This adjustment is possible through Adam’s body positioning. When watching the video notice how both people have a specific tilt to them. One person’s tilt is beneficial where the other’s negates what they are trying to accomplish. By having the correct body position Adam applies pressure onto his opponent while his knee slides away from the blocking hand and to the mat.

If you find yourself knee slide passing and the opponent is constantly able to get underneath of you this will help. By using the grips Adam is using you will be able to keep your opponent away from your base. While passing it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of where every grip should go. Instead maybe focus on trying to force your opponent’s back to the floor. Keep it simple!

Wardzinski has made a name for himself by taking seemingly simple (Old-School) games and applying them at the highest level. First it was his butterfly guard people were clamoring to figure out. Now it’s time for some Polish Power Passing to revitalize your game.



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