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UFC Rochester Re-Cap

UFC Rochester Re-Cap



UFC Rochester is a perfect example of an event that gets overlooked by many because it didn’t have any big “Stars”. In total there were 9 finishes. In truth many athletes on the card are unheard of by the mainstream. That just means that there are athletes willing to put it all on the line to make a name for themselves.

One name that sticks out from the crowd is Michel Pereira. If you haven’t heard this fella's name there's a good chance you have seen some of his footage. Michel blew up when footage of his fight at Road FC emerged and began flooding Instagram and Facebook feeds. Let’s just call him a high flyer. Check out some of his athletic antics below!

Many fans of MMA have seen flashes in the pan. They usually don’t hack it in the UFC. However, Pereira continued the antics. In his pre-fight announcement the guy broke into an impromptu breakdance. It didn’t stop there either he continued to bounce around like a coiled spring all the way into a flying knee straight right combo that put his opponent’s Danny Roberts flat on his back. The Brazilian is flying high for now, hopefully he is able to keep busy and BOUNCE back soon.

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Davi Ramos returned to the octagon with a win over Austin Hubbard. Ramos who is known as an explosive Jiu-Jitsu athlete is on a 4 fight winning streak after earning a unanimous decision at UFC Rochester. Perhaps it’s time for Ramos to face some top 10-15 opposition!

In the co-main event Antonio Carlos Jr. faced off with Ian Heinisch. Carlos Jr. “shoeface” as they call him has been on quite the tear lately. He finished 4 of his last 5 wins with RNC. So when his fight with Heinisch hit the ground many assumed it was all over. Heinisch was able to weather the storm of the first round to bounce back and take the next two. Heinisch secured a unanimous decision and moves to 2-0 in the UFC.

As for the main event former champ Rafael Dos Anjos put it on the line to division newcomer Kevin Lee. Lee is normally a Lightweight. Although the athlete has been outspoken about the need for a 165 lb division, he decided to bump up to welterweight.

Both athletes had their moments in the early going. Kevin Lee implemented a grappling strategy which has seen success for the former Lightweight. Lee tends to be the better wrestler than most people he faces, however RDA found ways to counter and reverse the takedowns of Lee. RDA also chopped at Lee’s legs throughout the bout.

In the fourth round Lee began to show signs of fatigue. After failing on a takedown sequence he dropped for a low ankle and was stuck in the turtle. RDA was able to take advantage eventually securing the mount and fight ending arm triangle. Rafael was able to get back into the win column.

For a quick recap video check out this one from ESPNMMA’s YouTube!


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