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Who Made it Through? ADCC 2019 Saturday Results



As expected, the first day of ADCC 2019 was packed full of memorable moments, upsets, and simply incredible performances from the world’s best BJJ athletes. IF you were in attendance, leaving your seat to eat or go to the restroom was just not an option, as the fireworks were constant, and continuous. So, who made it through? 

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If you weren’t able to watch the event, here are the fighters that made it through, and their first matches of the day. What are your picks?


This division began to shape up right away, as it was very clear who was hungry. The big story here was Nicky Rodriguez. After putting on one of the most exciting matches of the day with Muhamad Aly and coming away with the W, Rodriguez was able to impose his ferocious game on Orlando Sanchez to claim a second-round victory and punch his ticket to the semifinals. Rodriguez came out with guns blazing in his match with Orlando and pushed the pace immediately, dictating the flow of the match and implementing his game on the seasoned Sanchez. This will be one of the most explosive semifinals of the day with Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida, Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu, and Kaynan Duarte also looking to claim ADCC gold. 

Kaynan Duarte vs. Marcus Almeida Buchecha

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs Nicky Rodriguez


As expected, Gordon Ryan performed incredibly well and was the standout of the division. With two rear naked choke submissions, Ryan had no difficulty finding the back and finishing on Saturday, and were not sure if he managed to break a sweat. Ryan is on point and will be a handful in the semis to anyone he faces. Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa will have the first shot at unseating the King on Sunday. We’ll also see a matchup between Vinny Magalhaes and Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira Gazola to round out the semis. 

Gordon Ryan vs. Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa

Vinicius “Trator” Ferreira Gazola vs. Vinny Magalhaes


Another stacked division, the 88kg produced plenty of its own unforgettable moments on Saturday. Josh Hinger showcased his incredible ability to attack the neck and secured two strangulation wins. Craig Jones is looking sharp as a tack also, with two submission victories, propelling him into the semifinal. He’ll be taking on Jon Blank, who pulled off two incredible upsets on Saturday against Rustam Chsiev and Murillo Santana. Hinger will face Matheus Diniz first, who bested Gabriel Arges to earn his second day pass. 

Craig Jones vs. Jon Blank

Matheus Diniz vs. Josh Hinger


Garry Tonon is back and he’s coming for ADCC gold. Though this division was absolutely stacked and there was no shortage of great performances, Tonon stole the show. His athleticism and skill level always shine, but we saw an even better version of Tonon on Saturday than we were used to. In the match that earned him passage to the second day of competition, Tonon faced Renato Canuto. He seemed to get better as the match went on, picking up single legs at will and controlling the flow of the entire match. Tonon’s incredible skillset has propelled him in to the semis, where the razor-sharp returning champ JT Torres will be waiting for him. This will not be one to miss. One of the biggest upsets of the day occurred in the 77kg as well, with Dante Leon finding a path to victory over Lucas Lepri. Leon will find himself opposite Vagner Rocha in the semifinal match. 

JT Torres vs. Garry Tonon

Vagner Rocha vs. Dante Leon


The young guns of this division were out in full force yesterday, shocking the BJJ world with their unbelievable skill levels. In his very first ADCC, Kennedy Maciel pulled off a stunning triangle victory late in his first match to secure the victory over Ruan Alvarenga. He then went on to claim a 2-0 victory over Richard Alarcon to secure his spot in the semis. Maciel will face 16-year-old Tye Rutolo, who also had an absolutely phenomenal performance, in today’s semifinal match. Waiting in the wings to greet one of these youngsters will be depend on a matchup between Paulo Miyao and Augusto Mendes. 

Paulo Miyao vs. Augusto Mendes

Kennedy Maciel vs. Tye Rutolo

Women’s Divisions:

+60 kg

GabiGarcia secured her spot today with an overtime victory against Stephanie Egger. Though much smaller than Garcia, Egger did put up a great fight, but ultimately succumbed to Garcia’s pressure and control. Garcia will face Ana Carolina first in today’s semifinal. We’ll also see Tayanae Porfiro and Carina Santi go head to head to see who gets an opportunity at ADCC gold. 

Gabi Garcia vs. Ana Carolina

Tayane Porfiro vs. Carina Santi


Beatriz Mesquita showed up to win Saturday with the second fastest submission of the day over Jena Bishop, earning her a spot in the semifinal against Ffion Davies. Rounding out the semifinal bracket will also be a matchup between Bianca Basilio and Elvira Karpinnen. 

Beatriz Mesquita vs. Ffion Davies

Bianca Basilio vs. Elvira Karpinnen

Day two promises to be one of the most memorable in ADCC history. WE still have the absolute division and one of the most anticipated supers fights in the history of the event to look forward to!  Stay tuned to BJJ Fanatics for updates and coverage throughout the day!! 

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