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Tonon Enjoys Victory Over Ramos At F2W 132!

Tonon Enjoys Victory Over Ramos At F2W 132!



For fans of grappling the Fight to Win stage, ruleset, and experience is one of the best ways to experience the sport of jiu-jitsu. Garry Tonon also happens to be one of the best ways to experience the sport. It always a pleasure to see Tonon on the F2W stage Saturday nights matchup against Davi Ramos was no exception. 

Tonon, coming off of a rather large break from strictly grappling competition has returned recently to take part in some of grappling’s greatest events. He contributed one of the years best performances at ADCC 2019, showcasing his signature exciting style and incredible ability to push the pace. With a clean MMA record at One Fighting Championship, Tonon has spent the last couple of years in the cage, proving that his skillset certainly transcends the boundaries of his grappling pedigree. While we’re more than proud and excited to watch Tonon further his career as an MMA fighter, its great to have him back in the grappling arena. Tonon is one of the finest grapplers to ever grace the stage and I think its always a pleasure for any fan to watch him compete. 

Saturday’s matchup between Tonon and Ramos had plenty of exciting moments. The contest opened up with what seemed like Ramos determined to leg lock Tonon. No easy task of course, but this certainly made for some interesting and fun exchanges. There weren’t many lulls in the match, as both competitors played to the ruleset the best they could. Repeated attempts to attack were made throughout by both competitors ranging from leg locks to great wrestling exchanges and everywhere in between. Around the 5-minute mark it was Ramos who began to tire a bit and Tonon seemed to gain even more momentum. He became more active and aggressive and this began to take a visible toll on Ramos’s energy level. With the clock running down, Tonon was able to take Ramos’s back and he managed to lock in a submission, but ran out of time trying to finish. This was a great match between to accomplished grapplers and it again showcased Tonon’s unique ability to stay incredibly active in deep water. 

Another one of Tonon’s incredible attributes is his defense. IF you’re a fan, you’ve seen Tonon narrowly escape danger many times. I often times feel that he’s willing to risk these circumstances on purpose just to get out and up the mental game any. Tonon’s masterful escape antics were on display Saturday and what’s even better about Tonon’s escape artistry is that he almost always couples his escapes with a counter. This keeps things very interesting and many times leads to Tonon gaining favorable positioning or even the submission. 

BJJ Fanatics is soon to release an instructional with Tonon, where he’ll essentially show us how to “exit the system”. Very fitting. In this new release we’ll finally get a look in to the mind of this brilliant grappler as he shares with us some of his more interesting methods of escaping and countering. In this video, Tonon gives us a look at a leg lock escape which he follows up with a counter. You’ve got to see this. Check it out! 


From a double outside ashi garami leg entanglement with the heel already acquired, Tonon begins his instruction. He first aims to focus on the hands, as he has deemed this the most immediate threat. As Tonon forms a loop around his partner’s grip on the heel, he takes away the integrity of the grip by pulling the hands apart. He then hides his heel by slipping it to the inside of his partners forearm. This will keep his partner from reacquiring the heel as he regains control of the lost hand. If Tonon can’t slip the heel by simply rotating the foot he can also use his free leg to help free it by position on his partners backside. 

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Wit the heel free, Tonon swings his back leg over to the front side of his partner’s body to join his newly freed limb. With both feet now working together, Tonon can begin to use his feet to push, pull, and mitigate any further danger.

Tonon then enters in to a roll. As this occurs, he separates his partners feet and begins working on an attack of his own. In this case an inside heel hook is acquired through the roil. Tonon could choose a 50/50 entanglement or even work to an inside sangaku. Regardless of where he ends up, Tonon is now in the driver’s seat and has transitioned from a bad situation to a great one. 

As he positions himself over the toes, drives his hips in, and begins to rotate, he creates the pressure necessary for an incredibly dangerous submission. 

What’s better than escaping a dangerous submission? Escaping followed by turning the exchange into an offensive play for yourself definitely ranks at the top of the list. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Tonon’s skillset. I’m incredibly excited to see what this new instructional has in store for us, as Tonon has one of the most uniquely intelligent and strategic minds in BJJ.

Congratulations to Garry Tonon on your F2W victory! We can’t wait to see you in action again soon! 

My Evolution Your Revolution by Gordon Ryan
While you wait for Tonon’s release dedicated to escapes, check out his teammate Gordon Ryan’s newest instructional! My Evolution Your Revolution is a complete breakdown of Gordon’s EPIC ADCC 2019 performance!



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