How To Actually Do A Footlock In A Gi?

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How To Actually Do A Footlock In A Gi?

Rodrigo Cavaca is the best guy int he world for footlocks in a gi - period.  He is a footlock submission machine

A lot of people teach footlocks, the problem is that is a gi they are easy to defend- if  the opponent grabs your sleeve or lapel, you can't lean back and put enough pressure on his lower leg to get the submission.  Cavaca has a very nice fix for this. In this video, Cavaca shows 2 options to always get the footlock.

Remember that when you have footlocks in your game - all of your rolls and matches change.  Guys start fearin you, and footlocks are the easiest way to finish black belts - people just don't know how to defend them.   

Cavaca himself is a BJJ legend.  He has won multiple world titles when he was old enough to compete in the masters divisions, he has over 200 affiliate schools and he brought the greatest Jiu-Jitsu competitor ever, Marcus "Buchecha" Almeida - from white belt to world champion black belt.  

Footlocks From Rodrigo Cavaca