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Foot locks are a great equalizer of competitors. They are painful, effective and can even partially replace passing guard in certain situations. Out of all of the foot lock attacks in Jiu Jitsu, probably the most interesting is the straight foot lock done in the style of Luiz Panza. Luiz does not perform the straight foot lock like most people do. Most people go for one of the standard grips, while Luiz uses an almost rear naked choke style grip on the achilles. This style of foot lock has allowed him to submit such stars such as Claudio Calasans and Gregor Gracie. It works in gi and no gi, but works especially well in gi. But why does it work? There are three big reasons on why this is a superior grip and finish, and here they are.

The Power of the Grip –

            The two standard ways of finishing a straight foot lock use a lot of arm strength. While you are also putting bridging and shoulders into it, the Panza style of grip is even more powerful. In the video above, you can see that while the blade of the arm causes the pain, that it is almost his whole upper body doing the work of finishing the technique. The arms, shoulders and chest are all being used in sync together, which is similar on how you would finish a rear naked choke. To break this grip when it is locked in is ridiculously hard. The power of this grip is fierce.

Perfect on Those Who Grab Your Sleeve –

For anyone that has ever tried going for a straight foot lock in the gi, knows how difficult it is to try and finish it. The moment you try to secure the technique, your opponent grabs your sleeve and thwarts your attack. The way that Panza finishes the foot lock, allows him to do so even if his opponent grabs his sleeve. It allows him to finish the foot lock with just one arm. This takes the work out of trying to get your arm back in control. In the above video, you can witness this.

The Entanglement Does Not Matter –

One of my the best reasons for this foot lock is the fact that it can work from a variety of leg entanglements. Usually for certain leg and foot attacks, a certain entanglement is needed. But the Panza style of foot lock works from almost all. You can secure it from 50/50, ashi garami, the IBJJF feet-on-the-hips and more. The freedom of entanglement makes setting it up superior than other standard grips for foot locks.

Luiz Panza is using his grip to win matches at the highest level against world class competitors. I use it regularly on the mats when I roll. It is something that can be used by anyone who fancies foot lock attacks. You’d be surprised on how easy it is to submit people with it. The power and simplicity makes this style of foot lock the one to go to when you attack an opponent’s foot. Lucky for us, Luiz Panza has also released a DVD on some of his foot lock attacks, called Hidden BJJ Secrets. If you want to improve your foot lock attacks, and become feared just like Luiz Panza, then check it out!

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