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Triple C Mindset by Henry Cejudo


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Designed For All Levels - Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced fighter, this course will change your game.
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Henry Cejudo

Professional Fighter

Get A Total Roadmap To A Prime Combat Mindset From The Most Successful Combat Sports Athlete In History, Olympic Champion and UFC Double Champion Henry “Triple C” Cejudo

  • Get inside the mind of one of the highest performing athletes in combat sports ever, with Henry’s usable tips on every aspect of training and competing
  • Henry Cejudo is an Olympic gold medalist and a UFC Double Champion, cementing himself as one of the greatest combat sports athletes of all-time
  • Go through Henry’s advice from his entire journey, including dealing with doubt, becoming inspired, having confidence, and more
  • Gain perspectives on how to learn and study your sport and find the best ways to maximize your results with Henry’s advice
  • Use rituals and plans to get to the next level, with solid mental training that Henry used throughout his combative career

Course Content

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Volume 1

Intro 0
Fighter and Competitor 18:03
How Love Turns Into a Business 19:47
Confidence is the Greatest Weapon 21:27
Questioning the Heart and Ability 22:40
The Power of Ability 26:16:00

Volume 2

Face Your Problems 0
How You Should Approach Training 3:03
Keeping Your Dream Alive 5:32
Allowing the Hurt to Drive You 7:47
What is Fear 11:53
Overcoming Pressure and Anxiety 13:59
Having a Killer Instinct 16:56
Only Plan A, Never Plan B 20:29

Volume 3

Dealing with Haters and Naysayers 0
Understanding Your Threshold 2:32
You Are the CEO 4:02
Success is Complex But It’s Simplified 5:50
Cutting People Out of Your Life 7:41
Respecting Your Opponent But Not Over Respecting 9:16
Rituals I Do Before I compete 11:33
Finding a Mentor 13:42
Nothing Matters Until The Appointed Time 16:05
Being a Selfish Champion 17:35
The Power of Honesty 19:42

Volume 4

Studying Film 0
Believe in Your Comeback 3:22
Dealing With The Cards You’re Dealt With and Making Them Into a Winning Hand 5:33
Overcoming a Loss 10:27
Conclusion 13:00

Get A Total Roadmap To A Prime Combat Mindset From The Most Successful Combat Sports Athlete In History, Olympic Champion and UFC Double Champion Henry “Triple C” Cejudo




What Will You Learn?

Gain the tools to master the mental aspects of competition wiith this 4-volume series on maximizing your results with clear perspective and focus that Henry used to become one of the best fighters of all time. With clear, actionable lessons on mental training for combat success, Henry explains how you can develop the best mindset possible to compete.

Get Secrets To Success With Mental Training!




Henry explains the perspective and lessons that you need to deal with confidence, doubt and doubters, honesty with yourself and others, and more, all of which will lead to greater results and clearer goals. Use lessons from Triple C to see how he used plans and goals for maximum success, and how you can too.

Unlock Your Best Competitor With Real Mental Training Tips




Use these pre match rituals and mindset exercises to put yourself into prime position to succeed and perform, just like Henry has used and done for many years. This series can help you reexamine and reorganize your mindset, training, and lifestyle for optimum success, using Henry’s guide work to combat excellence.

So, What Exactly Do You Get?

Part 1:

  • Intro
  • Fighter and Competitor
  • How Love Turns Into A Business
  • Confidence Is The Greatest Weapon
  • Questioning The Heart And Ability
  • The Power Of Ability

Part 2:

  • Face Your Problems
  • How You Should Approach Training
  • Keeping Your Dream Alive
  • Allowing The Hurt To Drive You
  • What Is Fear
  • Overcoming Pressure and Anxiety
  • Having A Killer Instinct
  • Only Plan A, Never Plan B

Part 3

  • Dealing With Haters and Naysayers
  • Understanding Your Threshold
  • You Are The CEO
  • Success Is Complex But It's Simplified
  • Cutting People Out Of Your Life
  • Respecting Your Opponent But Not Over Respecting
  • Rituals I Do Before I Compete
  • Finding A Mentor
  • Nothing Matters Until The Appointed Time
  • Being A Selfish Champion
  • The Power Of Honesty

Part 4

  • Studying Film
  • Believe In Your Comeback
  • Dealing With The Cards You're Dealt And Making Them A Winning Hand
  • Overcoming A Loss
  • Conclusion

So, What Does It Cost?