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Cool Variation on the Ankle Pick

Cool Variation on the Ankle Pick


In order to establish oneself is a comprehensively skilled grappler, one must also master the stand up game. This does not mean you have to become an elite wrestler that can contend with the world’s best, but to have a secure enough stand up game to be used in self-defense and grappling. Wrestling is also important in Jiu Jitsu for grapplers that prefer the top game. You cannot always rely on your opponent pulling guard because if they prefer the top game too, you will have to wrestle.

Judo style throws are highly effective techniques to be practice and then use in BJJ and other styles of grappling such as submission wrestling. They give you alternative ways of getting your opponent to the ground that is not of the regular variety.


When looking to expand your stand up game, you want to develop both powerful, aggressive takedowns like the double leg but also quick, surprising takedowns like the ankle pick. The ankle pick is one of the coolest looking takedowns but is also one of the most secure because if done correctly, it is hard to defend. Also, even if someone defends the ankle pick, it won’t result in the defender being in a good position like the sprawl against a double leg.

The traditional ankle pick is done with either a collar tie or lapel grip. It requires that the attack pull his opponent down and pick up the ankle with and outside ankle grip. This takedown works really well and has gotten popular in Jiu Jitsu due to the likes of Gui Mendes. Its rise in popularity, however, have made it a predictable takedown and one defenders are often cautious of. 

There are numerous variations of the ankle pick, but the one that seems most fitting for Jiu Jitsu is the inverted ankle pick because we can take advantage of the sleeve grip, something many wrestling takedowns aren’t suited for. In the follow video, Hudson Taylor, who teaches wrestling at Marcelo Garcia’s school, explains how to do this technique. 

The ankle pick is a surprise takedown, so it should be done pretty quickly. This is important to know because in order to do it quickly, it must be drilled quickly with a lot of repetitions so that it is perfect each time you attempt it.

Take your throwing game for jiu jitsu to new levels by learning from two of the greatest takedown marital artists who have ever lived.




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