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Gabriel Arges Shows An Amazing Back Take From X Guard

Gabriel Arges Shows An Amazing Back Take From X Guard


Stand Up X Guard by Gabriel Arges

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and other grappling martial arts, the X guard is seen as either a form of open guard or a form of half guard. That is probably why you see high level BJJ competitors who are good at open guard or half guard switch into X guard so well. Another way of looking at X guard is to think of it as a position used to set up sweeps or transitions. No matter how you look at it, the X guard is an extremely powerful position, and one that you should know.

Gabriel is the future of Jiu Jitsu and this is your opportunity to learn the secrets that led him to his second Black Belt World Title


It is very common to be dealing with an opponent in X guard who is standing. Where this is the case, there are many X guard techniques you can employ to control your opponent. Today we are going to explore some X guard techniques when your opponent is standing with the legendary Gabriel Arges. Gabriel Arges is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Romulo Barral and Felipe “Preguiça”, who also trained extensively with Marcelo “Uirapuru”, competing for the Gracie Barra Academy. Arges made a name for himself while competing in lower belt divisions and conquering important titles such as IBJJF World Champion in both gi and no gi. The list of Gabriel Arges’ accolades is long. Some of his most prominent titles are IBJJF World Champion, ACB 4 Grand Prix Champion, UAEJJF Abu Dhabi Pro Champion, UAEJJF Grand Slam Abu Dhabi Champion, UAEJJF Grand Slam Los Angeles Champion, UAEJJF Grand Slam Tokyo Champion, and IBJJF European Open Champion.

Watch the video of Gabriel Arges demonstrating his stand up X guard technique below and then we will break it down. Check it out now!

You have to know when the right time it is to switch your game. In the case your opponent is good at standing in your De La Riva guard and pushes your leg down, it is probably a good time to switch to X guard. If you lose your De La Riva hook you need to switch your hips and turn the other way, creating a new angle on your opponent’s leg. You want to switch to a collar grip and then hook your opponent’s ankle with your free hand. This gives you a position similar to the half guard with a knee shield. From here you want to push so you can readjust your knee placement. Then you will bridge and switch your grips to the opposite leg. Secure a gable grip and then make sure you twist your elbow in, in order to bring your training partner’s leg up. Now you can start transitioning into X guard. From here you want to get your knee across and set your hook. This will allow you to control the distance. After this you can cross your legs with your knees wide open. Usually your opponent will try to counter this by standing. This is a good thing though, because you can weaken their base by extending your legs. It will cause your training partner to be stretched out and top heavy. Trap the near leg, and take your opponent’s foot off the ground. Switch it to the other side of your head and keep it connected. Remember, you want to keep the torque on your training partner’s leg and knee.

What you can do from here is open your knees and move your body underneath your training partner so that you are essentially sitting behind him. This will allow you to force him down and easily take his back. When your opponent stands you want to pull the belt down and kick with your hooks at the same time. Set your opposite side hook first so that you can lean over and clear your other foot. From here, the choice of submission is yours now that you control the back.

As you can tell, this is a really cool way utilize X guard against a standing opponent. Remember that an active X guard will help you flow with your opponent, no matter what position they try to move in. As soon as your opponent gains an advantage you should be looking to switch up your guard. Using hooks and controlling your opponent’s ankles makes for a great way to destabilize your opponent’s base and get their momentum moving off balance. So give this technique a try the next time you are against an opponent who is good at standing in your X guard. It will be a great tool to have in your arsenal once you learn to become effective with it. Thank you Gabriel Arges for demonstrating this technique for us!

Gabriel Arges has already won the Black Belt World Championships, twice

Gabriel trains under multiple time Black Belt World Champion, Romulo Barral

Learn from the best up and coming black belt there is



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