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Improve Your Closed Guard With These 3 Killer Techniques

Improve Your Closed Guard With These 3 Killer Techniques


Let’s face it, after you get a few years of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or any other grappling martial art, the closed guard becomes something easy to overlook. It is a position we are all taught from day one. The closed guard is one of the most fundamental positions in grappling, and for a good reason. But often times, as we grow we get too stale with our closed guard, taking for granted just how good of a position it is for mounting highly effective transitions and submissions. So why not renew your excitement for closed guard with these 3 killer techniques!

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Closed Guard Technique #1: The omoplata

The first technique we will look at for closed guard is the omoplata. The omoplata is a really slick submission. This is actually one of Bernardo Faria’s favorite techniques. Bernardo Faria has won many prestigious titles with the omoplatas submission. In 2010 he managed to win the Black Pelt Pan Am open class with an omoplatas. As one of the masters of Omoplata, Faria is the best in the world to learn it from. Let’s take a look at Bernardo Faria’s method for omoplatas from closed guard grabbing the gi sleeve. This technique is straight from Bernardo Faria’s Closed Guard instructional DVD. Check out the video below!


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The key to this submission is all in the setup. It is common for BJJ players to use the sleeve control to hit the omoplata but fail to get the other details correct. Your foot placement and the manner in which you lift your hips are very important. Bernardo Faria places one foot on his opponent’s shoulder and lifts his hip incredibly high in to the air. Doing this allows him to break down his opponent’s posture and create the angle needed to get in to the omoplata position.

The next detail is what gives Bernardo Faria a 90% percent success rate with the omoplatas. Faria places his left hand across his opponent’s back, ultimately trying to grab their lapel near the arm pit. Securing the lapel is what makes this submission highly effective. From here it only takes straightening your legs to flatten your opponent but placing weight on his shoulder. Ultimately the goal here is to flat your opponent by bringing their chest to the floor.

Closed Guard Technique #2: Back Take

The second technique we will explore is how to take the back from closed guard. In the video below Gregor Gracie shows up a back take from closed guard. And although this is probably something that we have all seen before, Gregor has a ton of high level detail that is vital to doing this well. This technique is from Gregor Gracie’s High Level Fundamentals instructional DVD, available on BJJ Fanatics. Check it out now!

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Gregor has many key details that need to be addressed when taking the back from closed guard. Keep in mind the way you break the grips play a big role in just how effective your back take will be. You should grab the gi sleeve as soon as you break the grip. Once Gregor Gracie has broken the grip he will open up his elbows so that both palms are facing his opponent and then drag the arm across the body. It is very important to get your knees up to your chest at the same time you are dragging the arm. These two moves work together in conjunction, which is what makes this technique highly effective. From here Gracie hugs the arm pit in order to keep the arm isolated across their body. This back take is absolutely incredible because it is very high percentage.

Closed Guard Technique #3: Arm Bar Series

The final technique we will look at today is an arm bar series from closed guard by Chris Haueter. This is a great series for working the arm bar submission depending on how your opponent counters. This video and a whole lot more are available on Chris Haueter’s Old School Efficient BJJ Instructional DVD series. Check out the video below!

As you can see above this is a very simple and effective series of moves. This is because Chris only uses things that are easy, he does not rely on characteristics that some people may not possess such as strength, flexibility, speed, and athleticism. He relies on technique.

Remember to stay connected to your opponent’s body and control his hands. Use your legs and grips to pull your opponent into your guard. Pay attention to how Chris Hauter escapes his hips in order to get his body off the center line. Your hips play a very important role in the arm bar from closed guard.

Hopefully these three techniques have given you a lot to think about. Don’t be a lazy closed guard player – refresh this age old position with some amazing new submissions!

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