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Check Out Renato Canuto’s Closed Guard Double Arm Bar!

Check Out Renato Canuto’s Closed Guard Double Arm Bar!


Closed Guard Double Arm Bar by Renato Canuto

Hopefully you caught Renato Canuto’s performance at this past Kasai Super Series event held in Dallas, Texas. Renato Canuto defeated Marcio Andre with an inside heel hook. Both athletes performed very well what turned out to be a very highly technical match.

The fundamental cornerstone of Renato’s game is the threat of submission, he turns every position into a dangerous one, and he’s got one of the best armbars in the world. 


Renato is a Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under his father “Tio Chico” Canuto. He is one of the top representatives of team Checkmat BJJ in the sport’s international circuit. Canuto, who has worked extensively under Robert Drysdale, Rodrigo Cavaca, as well as Leonardo Vieira is widely regarded as one of the most exciting grapplers of his generation having proved his worth in a wide spectrum of grappling rules. Renato Canuto is also infamous for his arm bars. Today we are going to check out one of his techniques, the close guard double arm bar, from his instructional series “50 shades of arm bar,” available now. Watch the video below and then we will break down Renato Canuto’s technique. Check it out now!

As you can probably tell from the video, this is a really effective arm bar, and also very unique, considering you are trapping not only one, but both of your opponent’s arms. Renato his this double arm bar from the bottom closed guard position. In this case your training partner has double gi grips on both your wrists. The first thing you want to do is establish your grips, controlling your opponent at the wrists by grabbing the gi sleeve. Your hips should be high up on your training partner. Now pull your opponent while at the same time moving your hips down. The idea is to get your training partner to move forward. Once he does so you can switch your legs to his shoulders in a much higher guard position.

You will see that when Canuto has the higher guard position it squeezes his opponent’s arms together and locks them into a straight position. When you have both shoulders trapped you can go far the arm bar. Use your hips to shoot upwards and finish the arm bar. Pay attention to just how much Renato uses his hips in this technique. That is a very important detail.

Hopefully you find this technique useful. Canuto has a lot of technical knowledge when it comes to high level jiu jitsu. You can find this technique and many more on his instructional series "50 Shades Of Arm Bar" available right here on!

Learn 50 Ways To Master The Armbar With Submission Machine Renato Canuto. Always Be Fighting To The Finish, And Learn How To Armbar From Any Position



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