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Take the Back from the Knee Slice with Tom DeBlass

Take the Back from the Knee Slice with Tom DeBlass


We commonly think of using the back-step technique to enter the legs...

Many times, as we cut through using the knee slice pass, we can entice our partner by baiting the under hook, or maybe they beat us to it. From there the back step is available. This is just one common scenario. There are a variety of leg attacks and transitions to several entanglements from here, but this is not the only way to utilize the back step.

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From the quarter guard position as many refer to it, our knees and hips have lots of freedom to move. This means we can backstep, and with the use of the back step we can also continue moving to other positions. We can pass to the other side, or to the mount, we can regain the under hook and come back to the knee slice again, etc. But how about a nice back take option from here, from one of the best.

In this video Tom DeBlass shows us how to transition from the knee cut pass to the back, using the backstep. He takes full advantage of the backstep, and its variety of movements. Check it out!

DeBlass begins in the middle of a knee cut pass and his partner has secured his leg from a seated guard position. Here, DeBlass takes the opportunity to backstep. As he completes the back step, he cups his partner’s knee and sharply pulls his legs back toward him, stepping over his partner as if to mount, but keeping his left leg as a kickstand for stability.

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At this time, his partner’s back is exposed. DeBlass brings his outside leg tight to his partners back to create a wedge, and keep his partner from putting his back to the floor. He then reaches under his partner’s head securing his neck, he then sits to his butt and rolls across his hips and in to the back control. Once the back has been established, it’s open season.

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