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Perfect Triangle Set Up for Beginners with Lachlan Giles

Perfect Triangle Set Up for Beginners with Lachlan Giles


As a beginner in jiu-jitsu, we get thrown into the mix and begin learning all the different techniques that BJJ has to offer.

The closed guard is more than likely going to be an important part of those first stages of learning. It’s important that you develop a good fundamental understanding of the closed guard and all of its different attributes. There are several basic submissions that you should know, and one of the most important, I feel, is the triangle. As far as fundamental submissions go, the triangle seems to be a bit more difficult in regards to the steps and committing the proper movements so to memory, but it’s a powerhouse of a submission and those that gravitate toward it become very dangerous guard players.

Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Veteran, Pan Pacific Champion, and coach to one of the fastest rising starts, Craig Jones


We learn early that for a successful triangle you need to have one of your partner’s arms inside of your legs, and one of them out. The trouble is, everyone else learns this too. This can make executing a triangle quite difficult. We’ll need to utilize some setups and bait to trick our partners and funnel them into the triangle set up.

Here’s a fantastic entry level set up from Lachlan Giles. This has been one of my favorite techniques for years, and Giles offers some great details on the move. Have a look!

Giles begins with one of the classic grip sets of BJJ, the sleeve and collar. Giles starts by planting his foot firmly on his partners hip and keeping his knee tight. He then performs a hip escape, traveling to his left side. He straightens his left leg a bit and circles his right knee over the top of his partners bicep area. He uses his right shin to pin his partner’s arm tight to his body. This also clears his partners hand from his hip so that he cannot prevent the triangle set up position. Using opposing push and pull forces, Giles straightens his leg, and turns on his hips to the other side, clearing the path to the triangle and landing himself in the set-up position.

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All of these movements cause Giles’s partner to become quite stretched out and vulnerable. Once the triangle is secured, Giles is way ahead of his partner, and able to easily lock the submission in for the tap.

This is great place to start where triangle setups are concerned. Done properly this is a tough one to stop!

This video set holds absolutely nothing back when it comes to the half guard position. Starting from the basic positioning and little battles that you will face in half guard, you can make sure your fundamentals are on point before you move on to the sweeps and submissions that you can rely on when you are sparring hard and need that ace in the hole.



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