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Enter the Legs From De La Riva Guard with John Danaher

Enter the Legs From De La Riva Guard with John Danaher


Great Leg Entry With Professor John Danaher!

John Danaher starts this video with an important concept. 100% of leg lock entries require some form of inside control with our legs. But 50% of the guards we use in jiu-jitsu use outside control. Many leg lock entanglements begin from an inside control-based position, such as the butterfly guard. From a position such as this, the transition into the legs is much simpler, because we have already achieved an inside leg position. If we can create some elevation, the entry into the legs can be accessible and fairly simple.

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What about forms of guard that utilize outside leg control? Can we switch to inside control positions from an outside control-based guard to begin to enter the legs? Of course, we can. But we’ll need the proper pathway to be successful. Have a look at the video. John Danaher provides us with a method of transitioning from De La Riva guard through a sequence that lands us squarely in one of the most dangerous leg entanglements available, the inside sangaku.

Danaher begins in De LA Riva guard. In a traditional DLR setting most players tend to control their partner’s foot on the same side as the DLR hook and employ an outside cupping grip on the achilles. Danaher Modifies this grip by placing his hand on the inside of his partner’s leg instead, and he reaches until he’s elbow deep. Relying on his elbow deep control, Danaher removes the DLR hook, brings his knees to his chest, causing his partner to travel across his body. This results in his partner placing his hands on the floor to reestablish his balance. At this juncture Danaher can now circle his DLR leg around his partner’s leg and to the inside. Danaher then makes a transition to the x-guard, using the position to further off balance his partner, and keep him at a distance. He then reverses his x-guard and elevates his partner, lifting him in a curve out and around. He then lifts his hips off of the floor and places his left knee behind his partner’s leg, for an entry in to inside sangaku. From here the options increase, as does the threat of submission to his partner.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of the past few years, it’s that you can enter leg entanglements from just about anywhere. Some of the entries are more common knowledge than others. And some you never see coming. Having the ability to enter the legs from any type of guard will give you the freedom to attack at will, and give you more options as you hunt for those dangerous lower body submissions.

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