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Take the Back Like a Pro with John Danaher

Take the Back Like a Pro with John Danaher


You’ve been here a million times. Your opponent has once again retreated to their knees and turtled up. The turtle is a great place to begin acquiring the back position, but its not always as easy as it may seem. If your partner is doing a good job of defending, pockets of space become scarce, and it can become very difficult to seize the opportunity here before our partner transitions to a better position.

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So how do we effectively establish the back from here before it’s too late? Check out this video with John Danaher. I’m starting to think this guy may be on to something.


As Danaher explains, he prefers his athletes to begin with establishing the near side hook first. He reminds us that we only need to be able to penetrate the top part of the knee to begin a successful conquest of the back mount. With his partner turtled, Danaher penetrates his knee into the space between the elbow, thigh, and lat area. He does so by positioning himself at an angle, facing more toward his partners hips, and points his knee toward his partners crotch as he enters. This creates the perfect conditions to establish the first hook as Danaher begins to tilt his partner and take the back.

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To take the back, Danaher first establishes wrist control, and then a tight seat belt. He then travels around his partner and takes the angle necessary to begin penetrating his knee. Danaher uses his free leg as a driving leg, and then sags his body to begin tilting his partner into the back position. He uses a shoveling action with the penetrating knee to elevate his partners hips. Here, Danaher pinches his knees together to immobilize his partner before he sets his first hook by simply extending his leg and circling it to the inside. A small hip escape completes the back take, and now Danaher is poised to begin attacking.

This is a low risk method of taking the back. As Danaher explains, there is nothing too athletic here that could take the potential for risk to a high level. These are amazing details, and there’s a very high level of efficiency in the movements. Next time you find yourself trying to unlock the turtle, remember these ideas and secure that back!

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