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Interesting Leg Weave Counter with Lachlan Giles

Interesting Leg Weave Counter with Lachlan Giles


The leg weave pass is one of the most common answers to a knee shield or Z guard situation. Weaving the arm through the legs can present plenty of troubles for the bottom player, and if the passer knows how to apply good pressure, things can go from bad to worse quite quickly. Usually the passer will secure the pants or make a tight cup on the thigh with the weave hand. They are then able to use a variety of methods to smash our knees together and begin completing the pass.

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I’ve seen many counters to the leg weave, many of them involving inversion, and some off-balancing techniques that can be tough to execute on a bigger person, or someone with an incredibly strong base. What’s your go to defense for the leg weave? Lachlan Giles has a very unique answer to the pass, and Ill admit, I’ve really never seen anyone counter the pass this particular way. Take a look at this.

From the half guard, Giles’s partner has snaked his arm through his legs and begins to start attempting the weave pass. Giles makes sure to keep his knee shield strong by angling it up towards the sky. This makes it difficult for his partner to connect to the bottom leg effectively. Giles then sits up and secures an under hook, reaching as deep as possible up his partner’s back.

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He then under hooks his partners far leg and rolls flat to his back, bringing his partner up on top of him. He’s now in position to kick with his leg and punch with his under hook, using opposing forces to free his leg. Giles then reaches his under hook nice and high, and turns in toward his partner. At this point, Giles uses his top leg to manipulate his partner’s knee, and then enters into a dogfight style position.


This is a really cool counter to the leg weave, and it’s actually quite practical. Giles not only counters the efforts of his partner but also ends up back in a superior position and ready to reverse.

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