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Precision Back Take From Side Control from Lucas Lepri

Precision Back Take From Side Control from Lucas Lepri


Six time world champion Lucas Lepri is one of the most technical black belt competitors on the competitive scene today.  With back control being the most coveted position out there from which to conduct your submission hunting, it's also the position that most competitors and average jiujiteiros work the hardest to stay away from getting stuck in.

Therefore, it's important to constantly find new and unique ways to take the back from the widest number of positions possible.  Lucas Lepri is here to offer you a unique back take from side control that you've never seen before.  The beauty of this particular back take is that it works around all of the normal warning signs or red flags that tell us that we are in danger of having our back taken.

Learn the Best Guard Passes and Back Takes from this six time World Champ!



By cloaking the back take in what appears to be a North/South or Knee on Belly position set up with all of the respective submissions that those positions can present us with, this back take is apt to take your opponent by surprise and leave them more than a step behind as you lock it up, score your points and begin your attacks.

Check it out below and then let's highlight some key points.


Lucas Lepri sets up this particular back take from side control.  He begins by establishing a strong cross face anchored by the use of the opponent Giancarlo Bodoni's lapel.  This serves a number of purposes.  It increases the pressure on Giancarlo's jaw preventing him from turning in and possibly creating space for an escape attempt.  The grip also serves as a virtual underhook that diminshes the power or strength in the bottom player's frame.

Next Lucas Lepri secures a four finger belt grip anchoring himself to Giancarlo's hips.  At this point, Giancarlo is probably thinking that perhaps Lepri is going to pop up into knee on the belly or perhaps make an attempt at mount.

Instead, he begins to turn his hips as if he is moving to a North/South position.  This increases the pressure on Giancarlo's face and jaw and forces him to turn away slightly which lifts up his near side elbow slightly creating a bit of back exposure.

At this point, Lucas Lepri steps his top leg over to begin setting an initial hook.  He then starts to sit to that same side hip while using the lapel/crossface grip to pull Giancarlo into back control.  The final piece of the puzzle comes when the second hook sets in.

With just the smallest bit of back exposure and two secure grips using the lapel and the belt, Lucas Lepri creates a precision back take that will have the opponent wondering what happened and behind the eight ball as you begin hunting for your submission.

For more Precision Back Takes, check out Lucas Lepri's most recent release from BJJ Fanatics.  You can get your copy here!  This series is going to give you over 30 new ways to attack the back from top, bottom and everywhere in between.  





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